The New Electronic Visa on Arrival Logo Designed by Karyarupa

Designer: Karyarupa
Client: Indonesian Directorate General of Immigration
Scope: Brand Identity

In an effort to elevate the service and refresh its visual identity, the Directorate General of Immigration has just released the new visual identity of the Electronic Visa on Arrival (E-VOA). Working together with Leet Media as the media agency, Karyarupa is the graphic design studio behind this visual design. Karyarupa itself is a graphic design studio based in Jakarta. With a strong illustrative style and a majority of their clients being in the F&B and hotel industries, Karyarupa has taken the courageous step outside their comfort zone through the design of this E-VOA logo.

Cici Anindhita, Studio Manager at Karyarupa, said that the direction that came from the client was to design an E-VOA visual identity that was modern while maintaining strong Indonesian values. Karyarupa's experience as one of the 10 finalists in designing the visual identity of the Nusantara Capital Authority of Indonesia helped them execute the necessary design solution. Trying not to get caught up in visualizations that refer to certain cultures, Karyarupa used other elements to represent Indonesia.

Donny Kusmadi, Creative Director of Karyarupa, said that the design created was in line with the objectives of the E-VOA program to speed up and simplify the online visa application process. The Karyarupa team drew several points as keywords. Among them are integrity, reliability, fast, professional, efficiency, acceleration and innovation. Donny explained that following that, the process continued with searching for historical and cultural context to find the right visualization. Donny said that the development of the idea started from Indonesia's title as a maritime nation. He thinks that one of the elements that is closely related to this is waves.

This element is then explored in visual form. According to Donny, the letters in the logo are curved like waves. In the letters E, V, and A there are also pieces that hint at technology and the digital world. Then there are lines pointing upwards on the letters V and A as a symbol of innovation and enthusiasm for development. At the end of the logo, precisely at the letter A, there is a silhouette of the Garuda bird as the symbol of Indonesia. This also represents a marker for the end of the journey and arrival in Indonesia. Meanwhile, the colors used adjust the identity color palette of the Directorate General of Immigration.

The decision to take a concept from neutral natural elements felt right. The waves chosen as a visual element to represent Indonesia are quite neutral, although not too clearly visible in the logo. The geometric and structured shape of the logo appears at odds with the flexible and flexible character of the waves. On the other hand, the characters presented are sufficient to answer the futuristic feel and tech-look that you want to achieve.

Meanwhile, in terms of function, the design is quite versatile and modern. The shape of the logo also looks timeless, so its lifespan is long. Designed with design rules, the logo has good readability. Special attention is needed in choosing the background color, considering that the yellow part can look faint when placed against a lighter colored background.


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