Hour Hall's Design that Evokes the Senses

Designer: Hour Hall
Client: Lickbait
Scope: Motion and Visual Design for Social Media

The rich traditional and contemporary culture as well as the flow of travelers keeps Bali dynamic. New things are always popping up as is with Bali’s culinary landscape. Lickbait, an artisanal and experimental gelato bar in Canggu, presents a new way to enjoy gelato. To convey this to the public, Hour Hall, a visual communication studio based in Bali was entrusted to take on this challenge.

The Hour Hall team stated that Sohail, founder of Lickbait, got in contact with them to create a social media campaign as well as a web design before clickbait officially opened in Bali. Based on the direction Hour Hall received, Lickbait will become an adult gelato bar that rests on three pillars; experience, equality, and flavors. It aims to attract millennials, Gen-Zs, foreign locals and tourists in Bali.

The Hour Hall team explained that through experimental and out-of-the-ordinary gelato flavors, Lickbait wants to convey the human senses through sensations and sensory experiences. Based on this, the Hour Hall team expanded the visual language of the brand guidelines that Brownfox had created prior. The Hour Hall team added, “We also did the content planning, defining the content pillars, campaign design, and worked with photographers in Bali to create cohesive outcomes.” The two photographers involved were Yohan Liliyani and Ade Ardhana.

The "Experiment All" concept promoted by Lickbait was then interpreted further by the Hour Hall team. A gelato bar that provides visitors with the experience of combining various gelato flavors became the basis for the Hour Hall team in developing a visual language. Through the keywords "bold", "visceral", and "sensorial", Hour Hall communicated visually about seduction, temptation, boundaries and skills.


This is manifested in the combination of various elements in the design for Lickbait’s social media. The Hour Hall team explained, "The execution varied from creating motion, graphic posters, photography and even to using AI (mid-journey) to create outcomes that needed to reflect the mood. This was interesting and fun. "The Hour Hall team adds that their design is aimed at making people curious enough to experiment with flavors and break the common perceptions of what gelato should taste like.

Through this design for Lickbait, Hour Hall succeeded in breaking away from common standards and habits in representing culinary businesses, in this case gelato bars. From the colors to the visual results displayed, they succeeded in representing the keywords and concepts and ideas to convey. The Hour Hall’s design is truly appetizing, both in the context of the product and the experience they hope to build.


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Daud Sihombing has been writing professionally for the past 9 years. This fervent alternative publishing enthusiast prefers his quaint little town over the hustle and bustle of the city and doesn't let sleep stop him from watching every single AS Roma match.

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