Creative Writer Intern

IDN Media | Jakarta, Indonesia | 15/06/24


IDN Media is looking for a Creative Writer Intern to join our team. As an intern, you will be responsible for creating articles with a writing style approved by the editor, ensuring adherence to journalistic standards and based on EYD V/KBBI. You will conduct field coverage activities, gathering information and stories that resonate with our audience.

In addition, you will establish and maintain relationships with sources and public relations contacts to enhance your reporting. You'll also participate in internal activities for, contributing to the site's content and community. This is a great opportunity to gain hands-on experience in journalism and content creation.


  • An active student with the University/College Internship Program.

  • Not currently an intern or working elsewhere.

  • Writing about entertainment news, fashion, beauty, breastfeeding mom health, postpartum health, health tips. lifestyle tips, sports tips.

  • Understand KPop trends, fashion trends, beauty trends, follow health and lifestyle developments.

  • Able to write articles based on the latest EYD V/KBBI.

  • Willing to come to IDN Media Jakarta office.

  • Understand English and able to translate well.

  • Committed to internship for 3 full months.

  • Have good communication skills.

Online portfolios should be submitted along with resumé.

Phone Number: (021) 39713888



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