Brand Designer

\\’ Brand Consultant | Jakarta, Indonesia | 15/07/24


We are looking for a visionary Brand Design Leader to guide the vision and strategy behind our brand by developing the brand's visual identity and driving innovation. You will lead a mix of brand and design development projects, showcasing the breadth and depth of your leadership. Your role will involve deriving insights from brand strategy to execute visual development and design brand experiences that will continue to grow the brand profitably.

As you progress in your journey with us, you will advance in roles with increased responsibilities. We encourage you to be fearless in pushing your ideas, taking smart risks, and innovating. Your passion for design and strategic thinking will play a crucial role in shaping and elevating our brand. Join us to make a significant impact and help us achieve our vision for the future.


  • Bachelor’s degree or above in Visual Communication Design major.

  • Fresh graduate and/or 1-2 years of work experience in design especially in visual identity preferred.

  • Demonstrated leadership which enabled business results.

  • Strong strategic and design thinking.

  • Proven design excellence or innovation.

  • Strong ability to communicate and work collaboratively with others

Online portfolios should be submitted along with resumé.



We are an interdisciplinary team working side by side with clients to strengthen brand viability at every stage of the business life cycle. Brands grow closer to stakeholders’ aspirational relevance through perceptive human-centric understanding, resonant strategy, and meaningful brand experience implementation. While product features, communication approaches, or marketing budgets may be easily replicated, creating a coherent brand experience is a far more challenging endeavor


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