The Third Edition of Type Design Club Commences!

Type Design Club is back! Initiated by Tegamitype Foundry and The Public Case, this year, Type Design Club will host the third edition of its Latin Text Type course. Running from June 1st to September 14th, the 14-week-long course will open registration beginning on Monday, April 1st until the 30th.

First initiated in 2022, the course began as part of an effort to increase inclusivity of and accessibility to the practice of typeface design. Following the first Latin Text Type course, Type Design Club also held a four-week-long Javanese Script Lettering workshop back in 2022. “So we’re now focusing on developing the scripts in Indonesia. Not just fixated on latin scripts, we’re also focusing and trying to contribute to the scripts local to Indonesia.” Aditya Wiraatmaja of The Public Case explained.

“In this third edition of Latin [Text Type course], we want to carry the course for about 14 weeks where each session will consist of educational materials delivered as well as setting tasks,” Aditya further elaborated. Participants of the Latin Text Type 2024 course will delve into the practice of type design in 14 two-hour-long online sessions held every Saturday over the course of a 16-week period. These sessions will consist of lectures and classes on type sketching, font software, as well as type digitization. With feedback sessions interspersed throughout. 

Unlike previous iterations of the course, the Type Design Club team has also added two weeks without a session on the 8th week and the 15th week. “It’s actually a total of 16 weeks this year. So, in the previous years, we held a class every week. When we re-evaluated last year’s edition, it seems that the participants were a bit overwhelmed by the [amount of] material because it was too packed,” Iqbal Firdaus of Tegamitype explained. The breaks in week 8 and 15 are implemented to give the students extra time to rest and to evaluate their work so far. “We saw that a lot of the participants were struggling with time. They’re creating fonts that they have to implement for the final presentation and we did request for several formats for both the website and Instagram. So this break is to prevent this sense of overwhelmingness,” he continued. Iqbal recalled that out of the 12 participants, only nine were able to wholy complete the course though he understands that the course is something the participants attend alongside their regular, day-to-day responsibilities. “We’re trying to prevent this so everyone can complete the course, although there’s no actual requirement to finish the course. It just seems like a shame to not be able to complete the course due to time constraints,” Iqbal explained.


Similarly to previous editions, Aditya and Iqbal will be leading the course as lead instructors. “Curriculum-wise, we kind of over-hauled it a bit. This year we're to having more guest lecturers. In the first year we invited guest critics from Malaysia. The next year, from the Philippines. And this year, we invited our friend from Thailand, her name is Mint Tantisuwanna. We also invited someone new from Indonesia, his name is Mas Fadhl [Haqq]. He has been a type [design] practitioner in the Indonesian industry for quite a long time, ” Aditya elaborated. 

They continued to explain that they will also be providing material that address the further implementations and need for the fonts designed. “We try to package it so that it intersects with graphic design, so we also invite graphic designers to take part in one of the lecture sessions,” Aditya remarked. “Actually, many of those who take part in our class have fundamentals in graphic design. In the final design, they will be asked to create a presentation using the font they created during the course. Displayed as a complete presentation of the font design process. So, that intersection with graphic design was to support the final presentation. So, maybe they can get additional insight for application. How can you implement the type of design they have created to the maximum?” Iqbal explained.

“In terms of demographics [of participants], we are still very open to participants who have dabbled font design. But we are also very open to people who don't have that background and are purely graphic designers,” Iqbal remarked. However, Iqbal also notes that there are some requirements to keep in mind. He hopes that potential participants would already have some level of basic typographic knowledge and are able to maneuver design software as the course will jump straight into type design making that foundation in typography somewhat crucial. As with previous editions of Type Design Club courses, hopeful students are asked to write and submit a personal statement on why they wish to take part in the course. Submitting a portfolio could also help your chances to secure a spot on the course. A total of 12 slots will be available for hopeful applicants to register for. This includes two early bird spots priced at Rp.5,000,000, two student slots priced Rp.3,000,000, and eight regular slots priced at Rp.5,500,000. Head over to Type Design Club’s website to register for the Latin Text Type 2024 course!

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