Tab Showcase 2024: Celebrating the Creative Journey of Tab Space

After two years of establishment, Tab Space held a presentation from May 10 to 18, 2024. Titled Tab Showcase, this grand presentation celebrated all forms of work produced by Tab Space since 2022, featuring various projects, souvenirs, and artworks from Tab Space artists. This year's Tab Showcase, subtitled “Open in a New Tab: Fragment Project,” marked Tab Space’s journey at the Fragment Project in Bandung, which has been home to the studio for the past 18 months. This showcase aims to provide transparency to the public regarding Tab Space’s programs, works, and finances.

Through this event, Tab Space also hopes to open doors for new relationships and invitations for collaborative projects. “Open in a New Tab” is a program previously held by Tab Space, inviting collaborations with various communities as an extension of Tab Space's expansion to other locations. Prior to “Open in a New Tab: Fragment Project,” this series had been held in three other locations: ICAD XII, Grammars, and Selasar Sunaryo.


Supported by Bank Mandiri, Tab Showcase featured a special highlight on the launch of a new product in collaboration with Medividi Jewelry, the winner of Bank Mandiri’s Young Entrepreneurs Award, and a flagship program of Tab Space, Open in a New Tab. Additionally, Tab Showcase broadly highlighted various content encompassing all forms of activities and works from Tab Space, ranging from Project Showcase, a presentation of products, and collaborations, to commissions by Tab Space spanning from 2022 to 2024. There was also a Merchandise Showcase, displaying various unique Tab Space souvenirs comprising 50 types of products. As a studio operating in the creative field, Tab Space continuously produces archives as a record of its artists’ growth during their time with Tab Space. These archives are featured in the Fresh from the Oven presentation.

During the Tab Showcase, Tab Space held activation programs in the form of discussions, inviting clients, collaborators, curators, and the families of Tab Space artists as speakers. This program, titled Tab Talk, was held on May 11, 12, and 17, 2024. Visitors who enjoyed the ambiance and artwork at this presentation were also treated to the launch of Tab Space’s latest product, a collaborative effort with Medividi. This product, a jewelry collection, was born with the narrative of the close bond between Tab Space artists and their sisters. The collaboration involved six Tab Space artists, who contributed to creating visual assets that were transformed into pendants as part of the collaboration with Medividi.

Courtesy of Fragment Project & Tab Space, captured by Lagam and Hilda Alhaque.

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