Solidarity for Palestine with PRINTS 4 PEACE Exhibition

On January 27, Tiny Studio and Studioland hosted a poster exhibition, PRINTS 4 PEACE, in response to the ongoing issue of genocide in Palestine. Located at Kandank Jurank Artspace, South Tangerang, the PRINTS 4 PEACE exhibition invited ten young graphic artists to design posters with their unique artistic styles, visually expressing resistance against Israeli occupation in Palestinian territory and solidarity with the victims of the genocide. In addition to the poster exhibition, visitors also participated in a Collective Animation Activity by the animation studio Auratium and shopped at the Grasshopper art market accompanied by curated music by Funky Evening.

The graphic artists involved in the PRINTS 4 PEACE exhibition are Fadillah Anshor, Fine, Great. Studio, Ivania Nabila, Khalisha Tambunan, Owi Liunic, Putri Larasati, Praximal Dox, Rani Yasmine Putri, Tiny Studio, and Tnajel Van Diest. Dominated by the colors red, green, black, and white, reminiscent of the Palestinian flag, each artist poured their uniqueness into responding to the genocide issue through the posters they designed. Tiny Studio included spoken words expressing the Palestinians' desire for freedom, Praximal Dox drew inspiration from the keffiyeh, a traditional Palestinian headscarf, Rani Yasmine Putri quoted the poem If I Must Die by Refaat Alareer, a Palestinian author recently killed in an Israeli army attack, and other artists conveyed messages of struggle, resistance, and hope in their posters.


In the curatorial text of the exhibition, Tiny Studio wrote that since October 7 alone, more than 24,000 Palestinians have been killed, and others continue to live in unimaginable fear. Emerging and small artists often wonder if art can make a difference amid this big global issue. It is these questions and concerns that prompted Tiny Studio to host the PRINTS 4 PEACE exhibition, inviting artists to take action and contribute to supporting the people in Palestine through small but impactful actions.

As small artists, we must believe in collective actions because that's what makes us bigger. With that power, we aim to show everyone that even the smallest act can make an impact, that we can ignite hope, so that one day, Palestine will be free,” wrote Tiny Studio.

Tiny Studio

Driven by this sense of solidarity, all posters created by graphic artists in the PRINTS 4 PEACE exhibition will be sold at affordable prices and in unlimited quantities. Anyone can participate in purchasing the posters, where 100% of the profits will be donated to the Palestinian community affected by the genocide. The exhibited posters can be pre-ordered by contacting Studioland on Instagram @stttudioland. The PRINTS 4 PEACE exhibition is ongoing and can be visited until March 31, 2024.

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