Royes and Kampred's Journey in the 3D World

Currently, three-dimensional animation, or 3D, has become one of the popular mediums in the global entertainment industry. This form of visual art can bring imagination to life in a way that no other medium can. In Indonesia itself, the development of 3D animation has been quite rapid, establishing its own industry and producing promising new artists. One of the Indonesian 3D animators who has captured the attention of many is Royes Husni, better known as Royes. Through the medium of 3D, Royes creates hybrid creatures engaging in everyday human activities such as posing for ID card photos, running on treadmills, playing music, and skateboarding. The form and behavior of Royes' creations successfully evoke laughter and curiosity.

Royes has had a close relationship with the art world since childhood, finding pleasure in the process of drawing. This interest led him to pursue a degree in Visual Communication Design to delve deeper into the realm of visual art, particularly illustration. As his college years progressed, Royes began to develop an interest in photography and film. After exploring various mediums, Royes eventually found his artistic focus in 3D. The captivating audio-visual elements and moving imagery that intrigued Royes were found in 3D animation. "I eventually focused on 3D visualization or 3D animation because it combines illustration and audio-visual elements," he explained. Royes' career in the 3D industry began when he worked at Infinite Studios Batam, involved in various serial and film projects for streaming platforms such as Disney Hotstar, Netflix, Nick Junior, and many more. Over five years, Royes gained a wealth of lessons and experiences that helped him navigate his career in the arts and design, especially in the 3D industry.

Armed with this experience, Royes decided to become an independent artist and create his own intellectual property or IP. In realizing his desire, Royes began designing the visual identity we recognize today. Art toys were Royes' main inspiration in designing Kampred, a 3D figure—a character with a human body and long-eared mask resembling a rabbit—that has now become his visual identity. "I think there were rarely toys with artwork or animated content here in Indonesia," Royes explained. Initially, there was never a grand idea behind the birth of the name Kampred. "At first, I intended to gather fortunes from creating NFTs using a character named Kampred. It was just a random idea, but now Kampred is well known," Royes further explained. Kampred's popularity opened up broader opportunities in Royes' career journey. Kampred itself is a manifestation of Royes' realized desire to create his own art toys.


People who visit Royes' social media accounts or view his works may wonder who Kampred is, the 3D character closely associated with Royes' visual identity. According to Royes' narrative, Kampred is an alien character who came to Earth feeling alienated. Kampred's form is different from the other aliens. On Earth, Kampred wants to adapt to its surroundings and the creatures living here. It's no wonder Royes often embeds references to popular culture and video games in his work to keep Kampred relevant to human culture and habits. Royes explained that he intentionally designed Kampred's character to be simple so that people could easily remember it. Additionally, Royes wants Kampred to be a dynamic character that can continue to be developed through the emergence of ideas or collaborations. The shadow design of Kampred's character is also distinct and bold. Royes added that the version commonly seen by people is the art toy version. "If you look more closely, there are cuts on the arms and neck," Royes explained. Kampred itself has an original form that is larger than what has been imagined so far. "The toy version of Kampred is inspired by childhood and imagination. Whereas the real form of Kampred is passion and dream," Royes added.

The three-dimensional form essentially makes the character appear real. In designing Kampred, Royes not only ensured that the character had dimensions similar to humans but also added personality to make it feel more alive. Kampred is designed to have a goofy, confident personality, and not care about other people's opinions. Additionally, Kampred always seems to have luck in its life. The animation mood for Kampred is always different. Kampred adapts to the message conveyed by Royes' work.

In his journey as a 3D artist, Royes has collaborated with fellow artists such as Arya Mularama, DISCOKID909, and Ykha Amelz; music events; and clothing brands. In the future, Royes wants to collaborate even more with fellow artists and well-known brands. "I want to exhibit together with other artist friends, including established artists. So that my work can be more known to those I've admired all this time," Royes expressed. A career in the arts and design world, especially in the 3D industry, poses its own challenges. At every step, Royes feels immense support from those around him. In creating his 3D art and animation, Royes also enjoys a creative process of designing ideas with free and broad imagination.

Royes' work is eagerly awaited by 3D enthusiasts. His characters and created worlds allow audiences to experience various emotions, from laughter to fear. The journey of Royes and Kampred in the 3D world will continue with innovations. As an artist, Royes still wants to do many things alongside his works, such as solo exhibitions, involvement in international collaborations, and producing more art toys.

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