NStudio Explores the Power of Human Connection in Branding and Collaborates with Alner

A talented young designer, Hanina Sharafina, proudly introduces NStudio, a graphic design and branding studio committed to delivering a fresh and captivating brand experience. With a firm belief in the power of human connection, Hanina aims to create branding that resonates with deep human connection, She fully understands that branding is a reflection of a brand's aspirations, personality, motivation, and goals. Moreover, branding can inspire people to make a positive impact on their lives. NStudio focuses not only on creating visually beautiful brand aesthetics but also on designing brands that work beautifully.

Hanina's journey in the design world began in 2011 when she immersed herself in the realm of visual communication, honing her skills through print and digital media. As her expertise grew, she delved into the realm of branding strategy, realizing the importance of a brand beyond its aesthetic aspects. Hanina found that the true beauty of a brand lies in the narrative it carries and the strategic approach that shapes its identity.

As the founder of NStudio, Hanina has created a collaborative environment that allows creativity to flourish and leverages her holistic understanding of branding. NStudio offers a range of services, including brand research, strategy development, naming, identity creation, artistic direction, packaging design, editorial work, digital product innovation, website design, and impactful activation campaigns involving social media, digital advertising, and environmental graphics.

The launch of NStudio marks a significant milestone in Hanina's career, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to enhancing brand quality in Indonesia. Through NStudio, Sharafina empowers brands to achieve their ultimate goals and inspire audiences throughout their journey.

Recently, NStudio announced its partnership with Alner, formerly known as Koinpack, a company that pioneers bold and innovative steps in the packaging industry landscape. In practice, Alner collaborates with various brands to transform single-use products into refillable alternatives. The company offers a variety of reusable packaging options for various types of goods.


Recognizing the need for comprehensive rebranding, Alner joined forces with NStudio to rejuvenate its image to create a brand identity aligned with Alner's values. In this journey, Koinpack transformed into Alner, a perfect embodiment of the brand's "life." This new identity is a combination of the words "ALternative" and "contaiNER," signifying Alner's role as a revolutionary solution for traditional containers.

NStudio delved deep into the company's values when designing the in-house product line naming for Alner. Simple English words that are easy to pronounce for the Indonesian community became the final choice. Encompassing the essence of the brand and its unwavering commitment, the Alner logo features a square shape symbolizing protective packaging, two arrows pointing in opposite directions as a sign of sustainability, and a subtle formation of the letter "A" for Alner.

To enhance the brand's visual appeal, NStudio adopted a color palette inspired by nature, dominated by calming shades of green and blue, complemented by cheerful touches of yellow. This color selection bridges the gap between contemporary aesthetics and the universe. Additionally, NStudio placed significant emphasis on packaging design, particularly labels, by establishing a flexible and consistent system to adapt to a variety of products and brands. This creative decision prioritizes user convenience and simplifies the process for consumers.

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