Celebrating 5 Years of Empowering Women in Architecture with Ibu Arsitek

On December 14, 2023, Ibu Arsitek (English: Madam Architect), a community focused on empowering and encouraging women to pursue architecture, commemorated their 5th anniversary with an array of programs under the title Selebrasi 5 Tahun Ibu Arsitek (English: Celebrating 5 Years of Ibu Arsitek) held at Dia.Lo.Gue Artspace Jakarta. Opened to the public until January 2, 2024, the series of events marks the long journey of the Ibu Arsitek community by exploring the concept of an interconnected home through unique stories that stimulate all the senses.

This community was formed on December 22, 2018, coinciding with Indonesia’s National Mother’s Day, at the very venue its 5th anniversary celebration is held. Initiated by three female architects, the community has grown into a group of 14 architects actively collaborating even throughout the pandemic. This celebration in particular invites 35 female collaborators in holding the event and was enlivened by an additional 300 female architects from all over the country. 

The event displays architecture projects by women in the industry. But, beyond that, the array of events also showcases the tales of Indonesian women and their contributions to the field of architecture. Exhibition curators Fauzia Evanindya and Stephanie Larassati selected 11 exhibition hosts who then curated 70 profiles of women in Indonesian architecture, presenting their strengths, journeys, personalities, and contributions.

Not limited to exhibitions, Selebrasi 5 Tahun Ibu Arsitek also encompasses discussions and workshops with the apex of the events being the Ibu Arsitek summit on December 22, 2023 of members and invitees with discussions and an exchange of ideas on the issues regarding the industry to the hopes and dreams of the Ibu Arsitek community going forward.


Osrithalita Gabriela, Ibu Arsitek Co-initiator and Event Director, emphasizes the importance of mutual support between fellow women in overcoming the hurdles faced by women in the Indonesian architecture industry. “Ibu Arsitek has a simple goal, which is to be a home that connects and supports women who love and choose a career in the field of architecture, addressing the challenges of gender stigma in the workplace, as well as the division of roles in career and family," she explained.

The event's branding was created by Jakarta-based design studio, SOSJ. ”So the concept, narrative story-telling, logo, graphic elements, assets, merchandise, and even the environment was designed by us,” Katarina Monika, creative director of SOSJ explained. She notes however that with the scope of application being as broad as it was and the short timeline, the execution of the branding was done collaboratively. For example, for social media applications, SOSJ’s role was to provide the key visuals and Ibu Arsitek was able to take that further. “So, both [SOSJ and Ibu Arsitek] would come through where the other might have fallen short,” she noted.

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