Seeing How Children and Teens Care for the Environment Through a Photography Exhibition.

Back on the 1st of October, Pameran Foto Karya & Remaja Awan Cerah 2023 (Awan Cerah Photo Exhibition of Works by Children and Teens 2023) was officially owned at the Emiria Soenassa Gallery, Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta. This exhibition initiated by the AWAN (Asuh Watak Asah Nalar, English: Nurture Character, Sharpen Reason) showcased all the works of the participants of the Lomba Foto Karya & Remaja Awan Cerah 2023 (Awan Cerah Photo Competition for Children and Teens 2023). Carrying the theme of “Ceritaku untuk Bumiku” (My Story for My Earth), this competition and exhibition had a total of 103 participants involved, with 25 participants in the children's category and 78 participants in the teens’ category. The participants were also quite diverse with kids and teens hailing from Sumatra, Java, Bali, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi.

In the children's category, Malika Inara Lituhayu (10) from Banyuwangi was awarded first place for her piece titled “Untuk Laut yang Lebih Baik” (For a Better Ocean). Meanwhile, Mischa Moura Tanpomas (8) from Jakarta was awarded Visitor’s Favorite in the children’s category for her work titled “Jakarta’s Venice”. Still in the children’s category, Kirana Adelia Arifin (11) was awarded Most Unique Narrative for her photo titled “Ibuku Duniaku” (My Mother, My World). In the teens category, Daryl Putra Budihardjo (15) from Jakarta was awarded first place for his work, “Seekor Burung dan Rumahnya” (A Bird and Its Home). The piece by Freya Florencia Lee (19), “Bliss”, was awarded Visitors’ Favorite in the teens category. Raffyandra Satryapratama (18) was awarded Most Unique Narrative for his work titled “Sendiri di Rawa” (Alone in the Swamp). Around 8,000 visitors saw the exhibition in the five weeks it was open. 

The panel of judges consists of a team made up of professionals from a variety of disciplines. They are Riri Riza, Oscar Motuloh, Ykha Amelz, Muhammad Fadli, and Andra Matin. In the initial evaluations, the judges emphasized the importance of how much the photos taken were aligned with the theme. The judges panel noted that they wanted to see the child’s view of the world today, whether it be their wonder of the beauty of nature or anxiety over the present condition of the environment. Following this initial stage, the judges will then evaluate the narrative in the image taken. For the judges panel, the role of this narrative is crucial for the judges to truly understand what is being conveyed by the participant. Aside from the photo exhibition, the organizers also present photography workshops headed by Agung Wilis Yudha and Oscar Motuloh as well as talks from the panel of judges.

On the matter of design, Pameran Foto Karya & Remaja Awan Cerah 2023 entrusted Nusaé. Nusaé’s involvement in this exhibition began with the design of the visual identity design. Aside from presenting illustrations of children holding cameras, the event logo is strengthened by a logotype that is highly associated with children. “We deliberately made them to leave a childlike impression. Just a bit more spontaneous, not rigid,” Andi Rahmat, Principal Designer at Nusaé, explained. Andi added that the design of the visual identity was executed quite playfully, but still applied Nusaé’s distinct character and interpretation.


Andi explained that the exhibition design was done through two-way communication with Andra Matin. According to him, oftentimes ideas are first proposed by the Nusaé team and are then responded to by Andra Matin and so on. This then enriched the design process from a graphic design perspective or architecturally and spatially. Andi also elaborated that the design strived to bridge the gap between the arriving audience, children and teens, with parents.

He said that the green used in the exhibition installation is made lighter to present a more joyful atmosphere. A few panels have pits as a “play area” for the children. Not limited to visuals, audio-wise also supported this joyful atmosphere through music. The layout and text size on the wall panels were also designed by Nusaé. Everything looked precise and harmonious with the photos of the participants arranged by the curation team. On top of that, Nusaé also designed merchandise that remains relevant with kids and teens.

Overall, Pameran Foto Karya & Remaja Awan Cerah 2023 has enlivened the scene as wella s provided a vessel for children and teens to remain creative and productive. Not only uplifting an incredibly important theme that is very relevant in the present day, the exhibition was executed well in terms of its identity and design. It is hoped that events like this can trigger the other programs specifically aimed at Indonesian kids and teens.

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