Between Design and Nature at BDD 2023

The fourth edition of the multidisciplinary creative festival, Bintaro Design District (BDD), returns once again. BDD itself is an event held by designers aimed at building connections between creative practitioners in Jakarta with the general public, specifically within the creative incubator present in the Bintaro area. This has been sustained since its first iteration in 2018, BDD has become a meeting point for cultural, architectural, and innovative savants.

Opened on the 8th of November, this edition of BDD has taken on the theme “Envisioning Nature” to invite designers to rethink nature and its implementations in design. This edition also encompasses a variety of fields; from architecture, graphic design, interior design, product design, to other design and creative specialities.


BDD offers a range of programs packaged in a variety of event formats, from open houses, open architecture, public installations, talks, workshops, and other interesting programs initiated by participating designers. As initiators of this celebration of design, Andra Matin, Budi Pradono, Danny Wicaksono, and Hermawan Tanzil and play the crucial role of curators. The four are creative practitioners with big hopes to display a diverse range of ideas and notions that could enrich the public perception, especially that between humans, design, and nature.

Andra Matin conveyed that the theme taken on by the 2023 edition of BDD was triggered by the anxiety of our way of life over the past 100 years, which has hugely exploited nature for its resources. This was done to create a multitude of design outputs at a uniform level of quality. This then pushes other curators to invite even more designers to participate in this year’s BDD program.

In this edition, BDD invited Satu Collective to work on the event’s visual identity and implementation. BDD can be enjoyed by the general public until the 18th of November. Further information on tickets, scheduling, and available programs can be accessed through the BDD application.

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