MALIQ & D'Essentials Teases New Album Through Can Machines Fall In Love? Exhibition

May marks the birth month of MALIQ & D'Essentials, and this year, they are celebrating in a unique way, something no Indonesian band has done before. In collaboration with Warner Music Indonesia and ASHTA District 8, MALIQ is previewing their new album at Melting Pot, Ground Floor, ASHTA District 8, South Jakarta, until June 9, 2024, before its official release on May 30, 2024.

The Can Machines Fall In Love? exhibition kicked off with a Hearing Session Experience at FLIX Cinema, part of ASHTA's Resonate: The Story of Music program, which runs until June 9, 2024, at Melting Pot, Ground Floor, ASHTA District 8, South Jakarta. Resonate: The Story of Music is ASHTA District 8's tribute to music, showcasing the journeys of renowned Indonesian musicians and featuring installations of vinyl collections from both local and international artists.

Tessa Marlenaska, Senior Manager Center Experience at ASHTA District 8, shared insights about ASHTA's collaboration with MALIQ for the Can Machines Fall In Love? exhibition. "ASHTA aims to provide a platform for MALIQ & D'Essentials to share their 22-year musical journey and launch their ninth album. There are various engaging activities such as talk shows, hearing sessions, and an anniversary party," Tessa said.


On the first day, the exhibition was packed with visitors. Tessa expressed her thoughts on the event, saying, "We are very proud to be part of MALIQ's musical journey and delighted to see the high enthusiasm from visitors. We hope this event can be enjoyed by every MALIQ fan and loyal ASHTA visitor."

Visitors can explore MALIQ's 20-plus years of musical history in The Journey Then and Now section and listen to their new album, which contains seven tracks, at the Hearing Section. "Besides the exhibition about MALIQ's journey, we are providing a space for D'Essentials and anyone to sneak peek MALIQ's new songs before they are released on music streaming services," said Cietta Hendrodjanoe, Head of Project at Mad Haus. Interestingly, visitors who have listened to the Can Machines Fall In Love? album via headphones at the Hearing Section can give immediate feedback at the MAD Hears You corner.

"We hope that those curious and eager to hear MALIQ's ninth album can satisfy their anticipation by attending the Can Machines Fall In Love? exhibition. Not only can they listen to MALIQ's new work, but this series of events also aims to provide a new experience or a place to express their feelings about the excitement in anticipation of MALIQ's ninth album," Cietta concluded.

The experience offered by MALIQ also includes art installations. The installations showcase information about MALIQ's home, Mad Haus, the music media Pophariini, the soon-to-be-launched product Little Essentials, and the Maliq Music Labs workshop program. Additionally, MALIQ introduces existing and upcoming collaborators such as HMNS Perfume and Hijack Sandals. On this occasion, MALIQ is not only discussing their works but also selling their latest merchandise at the Pophariini Store booth.

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