Lunar New Year Traditions with ALDO and Owi Liunic

This Lunar New Year just past, ALDO celebrated the occasion in collaboration with Jakarta-based illustrator Owi Liunic for the 2024 Lunar New Year campaign. The limited collection designed by the ALDO team is boosted with Owi’s distinct style in the key visuals and a window display guide.

The collaboration first came about back in August last year. LNDMRK, Canada-based marketing agency specializing in the arts, had approached Owi and asked if they could take a look at her portfolio. “At that time I didn’t know it was ALDO. I was immediately interested because I saw previous works of LNDMRK and they worked with talented artists that I adore such as Ricardo Cavolo and Alycia Rainaud,” Owi explained. On working with LNDMARK, Owi remarked, “They mostly curate artists that are suitable for projects and connect them with clients for creative collaboration. They also produce creative campaigns with various brands. It’s one of the best agencies I’ve worked with!”


The four products designed by the ALDO team in the collection include two different pairs of shoes, slippers, and a handbag, adorned with Lunar New Year motifs. “The brief was to enhance the key visual by responding to the ALDO LNY Products. I made 4 key visuals and a window display guide and the ALDO team helped to apply them to all media in stores and website,” Owi explained. Along with the key visuals and the display, Owi was also involved with the creation of three content reels; artist’s bio, culture & heritage, and behind the scenes. “It was so much fun strolling around Glodok to collect footage for the contents!”

In creating the key visuals, Owi pulled from her long standing Lunar New Year family traditions. “For this collection, I looked within myself and my Lunar New Year rituals. The most memorable moment is having this annual feast at my grandma’s house where my family always gets together. Connected to that, the inspiration for the visuals came from unique Chinese tablewares that are often found in Chinese households. I took a closer look at these ornaments that I found in the Chinese tablewares and simplified them into bold and playful elements to fit my visual style,” she elaborated.

According to Owi, the ALDO and LNDMRK team were very keen on her ideas and the stories behind the visuals she developed. She began with proposing some sketches for the first preview before moving forward to developing the visuals into 3D elements. “After the sketches were done, I worked on the 3D, the colors and tweaked the layout here and there. Overall, they really give me a lot of freedom to explore. It was really a pleasure working with them! One of my dream projects.” 

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