Looking Back at the Third Edition of Art Jakarta Gardens

The third Art Jakarta Gardens has finally concluded, leaving behind a sense of optimism around the art scene as it evolves along with the disruptive times. From 23 to 28 April 2024,  Hutan Kota by Plataran transformed into an open-air gallery, welcoming 11,899 art enthusiasts, collectors, and curious visitors—a 10% increase from its previous edition.

The success of the fair can be attributed to the satisfying sales of the 23 participating  exhibitors, a greater result than last year, showing the art community’s persistent support amid the challenging economic conditions both on the global and national levels. New-generation collectors and first-time buyers become a promising segment  of the public with an ever more pronounced role this year. The heart of Art Jakarta Gardens lay in the Sculpture Garden, where 30 iconic pieces of artwork by great artists across generations and styles stood as witness to creativity.  From G. Sidharta’s timeless bronze works to Wahyadi Liem’s spooky creatures, the Sculpture Garden became the centrepiece of the Fair. The robust plinths provided by TACO, made from quality PVC and HPL, have been proven to withstand a variety of weather conditions.


The Special Presentations, another highlight of the fair, were carefully curated showcases that brought together young, talented artists who collaborated with Partners to realise their inventive ideas. Erwin Windu Pranata’s colourful inflatable sculpture, “The Bouquet: Fall, Grow” successfully drew attention to Bibit’s message of journey and growth in life and investing. Naufal Abshar’s “Gold Is King” effectively caught visitors’ eye with its height and conspicuous colour, reflecting the characteristics typically attributed to donkey and gold. Roca’s collaboration with this/PLAY in an installation called “Luxury Crime (After Agus Suwage)” created long lines of queues during the weekend as visitors were eager to peek behind the curtain where a human figure immersed in a bathtub full of red wine. iForte’s presentation with Tomy Herseta created a distinct audio-spatial sensory environment that brought up conversations about social media as a battleground of ideas. Meanwhile, “Face to Face,” the work of the celebrated photographer Davy Linggar using Xiaomi’s smartphone camera truly showcased the excellence of this device through 14 pieces of large display that captured 14 distinguished artists, including Dolorosa Sinaga, Jay Subyakto, FX Harsono, and Indra Leonardi. 

During the Fair Days, the RURUradio Lounge provide nearly non-stop entertainment through selections of great music live-streamed to the Exhibition Tents, exhilarating talks by artists and other creative practitioners, and also live performances that  rocked the Mango Deck of Hutan Kota by Plataran during the weekend, by artists with a strong affinity with visual art tradition or localities, such as White Shoes and The Couples Company, LAIR, Rani Jambak, and Keroncong Musyawarah. The confident support of Lead Partners, Bibit and Treasury, and Venue Partner, Hutan Kota by Plataran, allowed for the smooth and professional operation of the Fair, while Artotel Group’s support provided comfort and excellent services for the Fair’s guests during the event. Not only that, the government’s support through the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology showed further synergy between sectors in advancing the art ecosystem.  Many thanks especially to the Director General of Culture Hilmar Farid (Ministry of  Education, Culture, Research, and Technology) and the Director of Music, Film, and  Animation (Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy) who officiated the Fair’s opening. No less important, the support of Official Media Partners, under MRA Media, along with all Media Partners, has amplified the Art Jakarta Gardens experience to the broader public. Toward its next edition in 2025, Art Jakarta Gardens is confident to return and contribute to the Indonesian art scene in the best possible ways.

About the Author

Alessandra Langit

Alessandra Langit is a writer with seven years of diverse media experience. She loves exploring the quirks of girlhood through her visual art and reposting Kafka’s diary entries at night.