Kicking Off ARTJOG 2024 with Performa Kinestetik

As one of the big scale celebrations of contemporary arts in Indonesia, every year, ARTJOG is always highly anticipated by many—not just art enthusiasts but also the general public both local and international. Preceding the main events, ARTJOG held Road to ARTJOG 2024-Performa Kinestetik at Salihara Gallery, South Jakarta, to greet both the general public and fellow peers, this time specifically those in Jakarta and its surrounding areas. This agenda presents works from Zulfian Amrullah; architect, visual artist, and art director.

After extensively working with chair forms and functions, this time Zulfian is exploring sensory perceptions, short plays, and movement, while also experimenting with narratives built from art phenomena. Conversations around the body in this massive installation are strengthened through a dance performance by Siska Aprisia, a dancer and choreographer from West Sumatra who has often collaborated across disciplines.

Initially carrying the name of Jogja Art Fair or JAF in 2008 and then later changing the event title to ARTJOG in 2010, the event has consistently evolved both in the form it's taken as well as the notions it carries. For years, ARTJOG has proven its contributions to the Indonesian arts ecosystem. Throughout the period in which the event is held, dozens of exhibitions as well as arts and culture activities have been held concurrently by independent spaces, galleries, and art communities in Yogyakarta and other surrounding cities. Aside from that, ARTJOG has also become a catalyst in developing art-based tourism. Equally important, ARTJOG has successfully packaged a celebration of contemporary visual arts into a popular spectacle as well as a means of education for the general public.


In its journey, ARTJOG is committed to present an art event that is more inclusive. This spirit is actualized from the festival design to each of its programs. Since 2022, ARTJOG has involved children and disabled people not only as visitors, but also as participants of the exhibition and other programs. The inclusion of the disabled community is further actualized by creating the Pusat Layanan Disabilitas (PLD), or Disability Assistance Center, in collaboration with Komunitas Ba(wa)yang, in the following year’s edition of the event. The hope is that ARTJOG can become a medium to increase awareness and understanding of disabilities as well as promote equality and acceptance of diverse individuals.

In 2023, ARTJOG invited Hendro Wiranto, a Jakarta-based curator and writer, to join the curation team until 2025. Hendro presents “Motif” not as an exhibition theme but as a prompt for artists to interpret, where ARTJOG will combine ideas of the artists’ artwork patterns as well as invite them to reveal meanings and motivations behind their work. After last year’s Motif: Lamaran (English: Proposal), this year ARTJOG will take on the title of Motif: Ramalan (English: Prediction/Prophecy) for the event held later in June; inviting artists to intertwine between knowledge of the past and predictions of the future that is ever full of potential, imagining events and the “history” of the future. ARTJOG Motif: Ramalan will be held from June 28 to September 1, 2024 at the Jogja National Museum, Yogyakarta. As with the previous editions of the event, ARTJOG will be holding supporting programs like Artist Award, ARTJOG Kids, performa•ARTJOG, Exhibition Tour, Meet the Artist, Artcare, and Jogja Art Weeks yet again this year.

Road to ARTJOG 2024-Performa Kinestetik itself will take place from April 20 to April 30, 2024 at the Salihara Gallery, South Jakarta. By purchasing a ticket to the Performa Kinestetik exhibition, visitors will also get a free ticket to visit ARTJOG 2024. Further information on ticket prices and how to visit the event can be accessed via ARTJOG’s social media channels and the ARTJOG website or you can directly visit

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