Grafis Nusantara Unveils Grafis Nusantara–Label Kretek Vol. 3 Book Showcase and Exhibition

With great pride, Grafis Nusantara announces the launch of its third book titled Grafis Nusantara - Label Kretek Vol. 3, alongside an interactive exhibition that brings the essence of the book to life. The event takes place at Grammars, Bandung, from March 1st to March 30th, 2023. Grafis Nusantara - Label Kretek Vol. 3 itself is a book containing a collection of labels from kretek, the distinctive Indonesian clove cigarettes commonly produced in Java.

In this book, kretek labels are divided into several categories. Each category offers an in-depth overview of the history and culture of kretek in Indonesia. Each copy also includes a booklet, postcards with lenticular graphics, and kretek paper, all packaged in a pouch. Grafis Nusantara - Label Kretek Vol. 3 not only serves as an informative reading but also as a collectible item for those interested in kretek and Indonesian culture. In the design process of this book, Grafis Nusantara collaborated with Jakarta-based design studio, Satu Collective, and was supported by Kamengski. This collaboration enhances the creative potential of Label Kretek Vol. 3 and adds depth to the visual exploration of kretek labels within the archival collection.


On March 1, 2024, Grafis Nusantara and Satu Collective discussed and deliberated on the design process of the book Grafis Nusantara - Label Kretek Vol. 3 at the Book Talks event. Other events that visitors can participate in include the Immersive Exhibition: [D/R]ekonstruksi, an immersive installation by Grafis Nusantara making its second appearance after ICAD 2022. Visitors can also view the Grafis Nusantara collection and create their own kretek labels with stamps provided by Grafis Nusantara. Additionally, the event also holds a mini giveaway presented by Grammars. Visitors can win Kamengski t-shirts by uploading their own kretek label creations made with the provided stamps and tagging @grafisnusantara and @gggrammars on Instagram.

This event is a delightful opportunity to showcase the beauty and diversity of vintage Indonesian labels and stickers. Grafis Nusantara itself is eager to share visually appealing books with design enthusiasts, collectors, and anyone interested in delving deeper into the rich visual history of Indonesian culture.

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