Finding Commonality Between Italian and Indonesian Design

On March 22, 2024, NStudio together with Fedrigoni commenced their collaborative event, NSIGHT: Italian-Indonesian Design Mingle. Held at the Fedrigoni Indonesia’s office, the event hailed design experts both from Indonesia and Italy—bringing intriguing insights from both design landscapes. The three-day design mingle covered various aspects of the design practice from the angle of design principles, graphic design, and product design.


Initiated by NStudio, the hybrid event opened dialogues on how design has evolved in both countries, from its conception to what makes Indonesian or Italian design their own. Speakers from Indonesia were present at the offline event while the speakers from Italy joined the session through video conference. The first day consisted of talks and discussions with design principles Aulia Akbar and Elisa Chiodo. The second welcomed presentations and discussions with Agra Satria and Michele Genghi. The last and final day saw presentations from Alessandro Pigeon & Adriana Testaverde of Galapagos, and Hendro Hadinata.

NSIGHT was an eye-opening experience. It showed that something as simple as opening channels of dialogue between two design landscapes could lay the groundwork for mutual understanding and potential collaboration. Sharing design experiences unique to each region could be the start of both design spheres supporting each other's ecosystem—understanding design as we know it to step together into the future of design.

About the Author

Kireina Masri

Kireina Masri has had her nose stuck in a book since she could remember. Majoring in Illustration, she now writes, in both English and Indonesian, of all things visual—pouring her love of the arts into the written word. She aspires to be her neighborhood's quirky cat lady in her later years.