Exploring the Many Possibilities between Technology and Creativity at WONDERLAB

On Wednesday, June 25, the doors to WONDERLAB officially opened. Initiated by Metahuman™ creator company Genexyz, WONDERLAB is described as an interactive, multisensory technological experience. Located at and created in collaboration with Grand Indonesia, WONDERLAB’s 11 different experience rooms explores the different possibilities of MetahumansTM and digital installations as well as posing the question of how far we can push these two things creatively.

Through the 11 Journeys of Wonder in WONDERLAB, we aim to open customers' minds to reflect on how advanced technology can shape our future, our daily lives, and our place in the universe,” said Belinda Luis, CEO of Genexyz, in a press statement. Situated in Grand Indonesia’s East Mall, WONDERLAB is divided into three main areas; the Main Event at Ground Floor, the Main Atrium on the 1st Floor, and the Rama Atrium on the Lower Ground Floor. The installations offer a combination of real-time Metahumans™, virtual influencers, holograms, interactive screens, robotics, integrated AI, motion capture, generative sound, generative art, and voice recognition.

The public opening of the installation spaces kicked off with a press talk with Belinda Luis, WONDERLAB’s Creative Director Felix Tjahyadi, Grand Indonesia representative Karina Hanindita, CEO of Trinity Optima Yonathan Nugroho, Founder and CEO of FCN Ivan Hadywibowo, Founder and CEO of V2 Indonesia Rudi Hidayat, as well as CEO and Co-founder of Gaspack and JICAF Novrizal Pratama. Felix shared that as creative director, his team wants to “create a human experience, where people are at the center of everything we offer. The theme is 'Love'. It starts with our love for the Earth, which is showcased in East Mall Level LG." The Lower Ground level of the East Mall showcases an installation in collaboration with Sejauh Mata Memandang that focuses on recycled fabrics.


From Grand Indonesia’s perspective, Kanina explained that WONDERLAB provides a unique opportunity to not only engage with Grand Indonesia visitors of all ages over the school holiday season, but also to provide a tactile educational experience for younger audiences. This is evident in one particular product at WONDERLAB, the virtual child star, AkuNaura. Created in collaboration with Trinity Optima, AkuNaura invites visitors to sing along to children’s songs together with her. 

The implications of WONDERLAB on the creative industry is especially poignant at a time where practitioners are coming to terms with vast technological challenges to the industry, like the use of AI. Novrizal touched upon this at the press talk saying, "We see the line between the real and virtual worlds becoming increasingly blurred. In the future, technology products will become more seamless, making them easier to use. All of this is represented in WONDERLAB."

In their press statement, WONDERLAB poses the question, “Where will you go in this vast realm of possibilities?” We can see the many answers to this question through the installations part of WONDERLAB. The exhibition proposes many ways in which we can push technology creatively. We hope to see further and deeper explorations of this conundrum in the future. The WONDERLAB exhibit is open to visitors until July 21, 2024. Get your tickets here!

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