Two Exhibitions Initiated by Black Hand Gang

Held at Uma Seminyak, Bali, Black Hand Gang (BHG) Printmaking Studio has initiated two exhibitions held from December 16, 2023, until January 4, 2024. Through these two exhibitions, BHG showcases the diverse creative practices of six studios from Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines.

In the first exhibition, BHG initiated the Asia Pacific Print Club (APPC) as a platform for fellow graphic artists, print studios, and all graphic artist communities in the Asia Pacific to create a stronger community and generate greater exposure for print artworks. This platform strives to open kinds of possibilities in the development of print works by taking on an active role in the community.


APPC’s first exhibition displayed works from six studios from three Southeast Asian countries which are as follows; Black Hand Gang Printmaking Studio and Krack Studio (Indonesia), C.A.P. Studio and Jojo Kobe (Thailand), Pasilyo Press and Rolling Paper Press (Philippines). Each country plans to house this exhibition in the coming weeks. This exhibition is the first in an array of exhibitions to be participated by even more countries, studios, and graphic artists.


Meanwhile, for the second exhibition titled POP Deco, BHG endeavors to recontextualize artworks and visual styles within the Balinese contemporary genre. Printed in limited editions, this exhibition depicts the 2020-era Balinese spirit. The title itself is a nod to two separate artistic movements in art history namely Pop Art and Art Deco of the 20th century.

This period has had a massive impact in defining popular culture, city life, and consumerism. This period also birthed several iconic artworks including Andy Warhol’s famous screen print of Marilyn Monroe, comic strip screen prints by Roy Lichtenstein, and travel posters by Cassandre.

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