Creative Workshops in Celebration of Health and Happiness at Herbana Wellness Market

Between 29-31 March, Herbana Wellness Market welcomed enthusiastic guests from all over town. Organized by Herbana and Double Happiness, the event saw over 30 Food and Beverages (F&B) tenants as well as a set of exciting creative workshops and talks for all visitors to enjoy. Held at MGP Space, SCBD Park, the three-day event is a celebration of health and happiness.

The child-friendly event consisted of several intriguing creative workshops. Most notably, there was a mindful stitching workshop hosted by Setali, a social enterprise focused on extending the lifespan of clothing and tackling fashion-related issues. Through these workshops, participants are invited to create consciously crafted products with full awareness and attention to detail. Furthermore, there was a flower arrangement workshop guided by Monfleur, a floral boutique and studio based in Jakarta. In this workshop, attendees are encouraged to create arrangements from various types of flowers with different colors. Creativity is highly exercised in this workshop as participants must create harmonious and beautiful flower arrangements.

In addition to workshops, the Herbana Wellness Market also offers a talk show titled "How to Improve Your Body during Ramadan'' presented by Wulan Mega from Sweatbar. In this talk show, visitors gain insights into maintaining a healthy and thriving body while fasting. Wulan Mega herself is a pilates practitioner who frequently engages in health discussions and teaches pilates and yoga classes.

Another interesting aspect of this event is the visual identity of Herbana Wellness Market itself crafted by Double Happiness. The lines in the figurative illustration for the event's visual identity depict activities centered around health and happiness such as yoga, picnicking, cooking, and shopping. The choice of earthy colors like green and orange contributes to attracting the interest of creative individuals.


In an interview with Grafis Masa Kini, Fiqar, a representative from Double Happiness, explained that this is the second year of organizing the Herbana Wellness Market. As such, the Herbana and Double Happiness teams were striving to attract more tenants and focus on enhancing the wellness industry itself. Visually, Fiqar stated that he and his team aimed to improve the visual aspect of the Herbana Wellness Market from the previous year. "We want to emphasize the wellness and organic aspects more. This edition is special because it coincides with the month of Ramadan, a month full of goodness, in line with Herbana Wellness Market itself, which sells organic, natural, clean products. So, we want to highlight the correlation between Ramadan and Herbana Wellness Market," said Fiqar. Keywords such as "natural" and "organic" serve as guidelines for the Double Happiness team to translate the essence of this event into visual form.

Not just from a visual standpoint, the ambiance of the Herbana Wellness Market also embodies the tangible manifestation of the event's big concept. "From the ambiance itself, we aim to create a holistic atmosphere. Coinciding with the month of Ramadan, we thought it would be exciting to create a market similar to those in the Middle East," said Fiqar. The Middle Eastern aesthetic is reflected in the use of wood for various needs on-site as well as the depiction of colorful plaids in the visual identity inspired by mosaics. "We made the tiles more modern so they wouldn't look too ethnic." Hand-drawn illustrations by the Double Happiness team also contribute to making the visual identity more lively and authentic. "The illustrations are not just complementary. Within the illustrations, we depict the community and activities present at the Herbana Wellness Market," said Fiqar. The same concept is also applied to the merchandise available for visitors to purchase. In terms of color, Fiqar explained that their team also chose warm colors to maintain the organic impression.

Herbana and Double Happiness themselves hope that the Herbana Wellness Market will not only be a melting pot and a celebration of health during Ramadan but also bring herbal and holistic lifestyles closer to everyday life and increase awareness of the importance of living a healthy and balanced life.

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