Creating Community with Pasar Kutu Loncat

Last Saturday (02/03), Studioland and Studio Lima Empat held Pasar Kutu Loncat (English: lit Jumping Flea Market), a one-day art and flea market held at Kandank Jurank Artspace, South Tangerang. The bazaar and soirée was chock-full of creatives along with art and thrift tenants, DJ performances and an open deck, as well as an upcycle and rework workshop.


The bazaar is a blend of Studioland’s Grasshopper Market, which aimed to showcase local creative talents at their compound, and Studio Lima Empat’s Pasar Kutu (English: lit. Flea Market), which they started over the pandemic to create a creative community over that extended period of isolation. They brought their combined communities to come and sell their creations as well as old gems waiting to be cherished by new owners. 

Along with DJ sets by Hanichatte of Glyph Talk, Di0r from Swankyexpress, Jangfut of Kolibri Selekts, and Nest from Loide Records, Pasar Kutu Loncat also played host to a crochet upcycling and rework workshop by Johno Suradji Sembor. The lively dynamic space offered an opportunity for budding entrepreneurs, artists, and more to get a taste of building a budding creative community. Check out these photos from the event below!

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