Cosmic Journeys with Cosmic Visions: Consciousness & Love One Another

Bogor-born graphic designer Rico Prasetyo, better known as Ocir, has come together with SPiCE Projekt to present their new collaboration under the title of Cosmic Visions: Consciousness & Love One Another. Inspired by “the infinite wonder of galaxies”, the collection takes on out-of-this-world elements to showcase Rico’s celestial artistry.

His fascination with the otherworldly began with music and films. "But music was much more easily digestible than films. I want to take it back to my university days, I would listen to a lot of Hawkwind, Pink Floyd, Brian Eno, The Beatles and it just so happened that I was starting to dig into things of a psychedelic nature," he explained. The documentary film George Harrison: Living in the Material World (2011) also left a lasting impression as the film showcased how The Beatles brought Middle Eastern instruments to the Western pop scene. He was also heavily influenced by the documentary film, Pink Floyd – The Wall (1982), Afrofuturist sci-fi film, Space is the Place (1974), and Indonesian documentary film, Katanta Takwa (2008).


The creation of the collection followed Rico’s usual creative patterns. He explained, “The process was pretty routine, in terms of the idea development on the implementation of the visuals onto [various] products. As material selection was discussed to keep in accordance with the budget set, we had to get our brains turning in terms of which visuals to implement to keep the collection exciting. Eventually we had to eliminate two items, the button up shirt and sweater, which we can hopefully implement in the second article [instead].”

A manifestation of Rico’s artistic narrative, the Cosmic Visions collection is chock-full of otherworldly imagery from Cosmic Visions t-shirts adorned with a representation of the Pandora Cluster, the Thousand Gems scarf illustrating the explosiveness of the Big Bang, to The Wave deck chair showcasing Rico’s interpretation of a cascade into the abyss. There is also the Ride! Through the Cosmic tote bag depicting a man “chasing the vast expanse of star clusters” and Micro Universe keychains which allows you to take a small part of the larger universe along with you. Check out the full collection at the SPiCE Projekt Instagram page.

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