Celebrating Women in Art Through the Kartini Nyeni Exhibition

In commemoration of Kartini Day on April 21st, Senyawa+, Creators Space + Concept Store, curated the Kartini Nyeni exhibition to honor the works of Indonesian women in art. The exhibition showcased pieces from 21 Indonesian female artists, each narrating the contemporary lives of women along with the challenges and struggles they face. Participating artists included Alodia Yap, Annekhaer, Aphrodita Wibowo, Aprilmup, Budi Asih, Diana Puspita, Erin Dwia, Evekoss, Febrina Tiara RD, Imelda Adams, Kathrin Honesta, Kemala Hayati, Meiliana Betand, Nadya Noor, Nana Mardina, Risangdaru, Sandat Wangi, Shuxxi, Tennessee Caroline, Yenti Amelia, and Yessiow.

Beyond the exhibition, the event offered workshops featuring collaborations between Senyawa+, Hom Lab, and artists Meiliana Betand and Shuxxi. Moreover, visitors had the opportunity to explore and purchase products from 21 female-founded brands. Among them were Aranaloka, ceramic wonders crafted by artisans from Bandung, exuding vintage charm; Bonvie, clinically tested hair care products made from natural and effective ingredients; Charista Bali, offering handmade jewelry; Deya, vibrant fashion accessories adorned with cheerful illustrations; Earth Major, designs inspired by Indonesia's endangered flora and fauna, packaged creatively using eco-friendly materials. Handep showcased rattan craft products, bridging Dayak indigenous communities with nature and local resources; Hom Lab, handmade home decorations; Kiloalta, natural body care products and beauty tools educating buyers about health; Moon Pancake, cute accessories inspired by everyday elements.


Visitors could also discover MYCL products made from toxin and carcinogen-free mushroom leather; Paperielab, versatile journals aiding individuals in finding happiness; PUKA, a social enterprise dedicated to empowering friends with special needs through craftsmanship; Room 533, utilizing oil pastels as the primary medium in illustrations; and Sherchle, whimsical art merchandise. Additionally, there were products from Tangan Tangan, tropical wear handcrafted by skilled artisans from Bali; TentangKita, a conversation starter card game for deeper connections; The Self Hug, a guided journal created by individuals experiencing personal crises; Things Untouched, hassle-free cosmetic products empowering women; Togean Naturale, environmentally friendly natural productions; Toko Tepe, handcrafted accessories using polymer clay as the main material; and lastly, Yagi, body care products from Aceh formulated with 100% natural ingredients.

The Kartini Nyeni exhibition opened on April 22, 2024, and will run until May 22 at Senyawa+ Space, located on Jl. Raden Saleh 46A, Cikini, Central Jakarta. Admission is free, welcoming visitors from 10:00 to 20:00.

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Alessandra Langit

Alessandra Langit is a writer with seven years of diverse media experience. She loves exploring the quirks of girlhood through her visual art and reposting Kafka’s diary entries at night.