Breathing New Life into Artworks through Eco-Friendly RISO with Qualita Company

On Tuesday (16/01), Qualita Company, opened the second edition of their Risocycle initiative. Held at the Qualita headquarters in Alam Sutera, the event celebrates the risograph print method with an introduction to Qualita’s own RISO machine, an exhibition of 20 local and international illustrators, and workshops.

In line with Qualita’s mission of sustainability, the name “Risocycle” is a play on risograph and recycle. “Riso is actually a printing technique that, at the moment, is the most environmentally friendly option. The machine uses less energy to operate, and its materials, from the ink to the master copy are plant-based…So, it’s in line with Qualita’s values which prioritises eco-friendliness,” Lulu Bong, Founder of Qualita Company explained.


In selecting the participating artists Qualita enlisted those closest to them, having worked with numerous illustrators in the industry. The illustrations printed and exhibited are also works the artists were hoping to bring back to life through risograph printing, works that weren’t originally intended for said printing method. “So the name Risocycle isn’t just a nod towards recycling but is also a way to upcycle older works,” Lulu elaborated. Participating artists include Astro.ruby, Bolaubi, Diandra Herlambang, Dinda Puspitasari, Firology, Gusde Sidhi, Inicecil, Kathrin Honesta, Nadya Noor, Palettes, Phantasien, Pines n Prints, Popomangun.png, Replayrepliy, Sour.gum, Sulkycatz, Varsam Kurnia, Wastana Haikal, Water Planet, and Weirdoinpink.

Aside from exhibiting her work, Kathrin Honesta is also holding a workshop as part of Risocycle along with Graphic Handler as well as the Qualita team. “Graphic Handler are also our friends. They also have a RISO machine, so us as RISO buddies, we don’t really see each other as competition because we share this passion. Because, this isn’t something easyu to learn. After chatting with them, we decided to work on this together,” Lulu said. “With Kathrin [Honesta], she’s been a long-time collaborator of ours,” she continued.

While the Graphic Handler’s workshop has passed, you can still sign up for the workshop held by the Qualita team and Kathrin Honesta as long as you register before January 23. The prints exhibited will remain on display and available for purchase at the Qualita Company, Alam Sutera until January 26.

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