Behind the Visual Laboratory of “eX-Trim”, VT-00 and Magis' Collaborative Single

With explosive beats and vocals echoing boldly, the collaborative single “eX-Trim” by VT-00 and Magis, released under Ear Flux Records on January 5, 2024, is making waves. VT-00 and Magis are two electronic musicians whose names frequently grace music events across various cities. Rooted in the daily hustle and bustle of the capital city, VT-00 and Magis have crafted an adrenaline-pumping audio masterpiece with lyrics depicting the "battle of the masses," portraying the collision of urban lives in pursuit of livelihoods.

Listening to ”eX-Trim” becomes a more immersive experience when accompanied by its visually stunning artwork, meticulously designed by Sanjonas, a Yogyakarta-based artist and the mastermind behind Ear Flux Records. Notably, the captivating biohazard logo catches the eye in the visual representation of ”eX-Trim”. Scientifically, biohazard refers to microorganisms and medical materials deemed capable of causing diseases in living organisms. The incorporation of the biohazard logo into the artwork emerged from discussions between VT-00 and Magis while working on the graphic assets for this release.

"At first, I created a customized biohazard graphic. I handed it over to Ear Flux Records for Sanjonas to respond to, aligning with the label's visual directions and Sanjonas' experimental 3D style," shared VT-00 from his studio.

The biohazard logo is perceived as symbolizing the dangerous and ominous nature of the ”eX-Trim” single. VT-00 expresses that the logo represents the emotion they aim to convey through this release. "From the start, it was clear that the logo was hazardous, untouchable due to its toxicity," said VT-00. Sanjonas, in responding to the graphic assets provided by VT-00 and Magis, had to first understand the message intended by these electronic musicians for this release.

The laboratory became Sanjonas's primary inspiration for creating the graphics for ”eX-Trim”. Laboratories, with their secretive experiments hidden from the outside world, birthed remarkable discoveries that often eluded public awareness. The biohazard logo is commonly found near the entrance of laboratories.

"I immediately thought of a laboratory to depict the journey and experiments of Magis and VT-00—things that are real and felt but not visible to everyone," explained Sanjonas during an online interview.


VT-00 describes Sanjonas's work for this release as chillingly impactful. The deconstruction of the laboratory's form by Sanjonas, coupled with dominant dark hues, aligns with the wild soundscape of ”eX-Trim”.

I see Sanjonas's graphics as chilling, much like the song ‘eX-Trim’ itself. It's an object being experimented with wildly by Sanjonas. The colors are dark, resembling acid graphics. It might seem unconventional to some. It's 3D in form, but Sanjonas has manipulated it into a semi-abstract state.

VT-00, Musician

The graphic elements in this visual artwork successfully translate snippets of lyrics and the audio mood constructed by VT-00 and Magis without explicitly revealing the song's intended message. According to Sanjonas, in designing these graphics, he selected visual interpretations of certain words like "extreme" and "shining" to portray the essence of the song.

The graphics for the ”eX-Trim” release align with Ear Flux Records' artistic direction, employing a playful 3D style. While staying true to the musicians' concepts, Ear Flux Records aims to produce visual works that leave room for interpretation, leaving listeners free to explore the narrative behind the visuals.

"I always want Ear Flux Records to create visuals for a release that people can't guess easily. We want to let people ponder the possibilities behind the ”eX-Trim” track. When listening to music, the visuals are usually the first things noticed, and people are free to interpret those visuals," expressed Sanjonas.

"Someone even said it looks like Rok Presso," added Magis, followed by their laughter.

Listening to ”eX-Trim” while gazing at its accompanying graphics reveals a cohesive thread between the auditory and visual elements. Sanjonas's creation seems to breathe extra soul into the collaborative work of VT-00 and Magis. The connection between audio and visual is inseparable, with each release requiring visual art capable of translating every beat and the essence of the lyrics into graphic form. According to Magis, the interplay between graphics and audio in the electronic music scene is like a romantic relationship—fun, unique, and a fusion of two entities.

"Music and graphics are like a romantic relationship. It's funny how they come together, meeting as one," concluded Magis.

VT-00 and Magis' collaborative single, ”eX-Trim”, is now available for a wide audience on various digital music platforms like Spotify. In addition to its release as a collaborative single, ”eX-Trim” has been remixed by producers from various Indonesian cities, including Funtime (Bali), Individual Distortion (Jakarta), and TamaT (Surabaya).

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