Behind Jentwo’s Bright Colored Illustrations

Taking inspiration from culture, journeys, and retro collections, Jentwo’s works are presented in bright colors edged by stern black outlines. Jentwo is the pseudonym of Bangkok-based illustrator Janejira Taechakampu. After majoring in graphic design, she entered the creative industry as an illustrator. Initially, Jentwo thought she would become a graphic designer, However, she later realized that illustration was something she was much more interested in as it aligned with her love of story-telling and her tendency for visual problem solving.

Jentwo feels that Bangkok has had a massive role in forming her perspective. “I believe Bangkok brings out my sense of humor. Some Thai people have a knack for finding humor in just about anything, even in serious situations. We often look for funny angles to lighten the mood,” Jentwo explained. The lively atmosphere of Bangkok with its high saturation along with the hot climate and often bright climate inspires her to use a colorful palette in her artwork.

In regards to the creative ecosystem in Bangkok, Jentwo opined that practitioners in Bangkok actively discuss and aspire for a better community. In her words, “Over the past few years, there has been increasing attention towards illustrations and art among the public. I've noticed a rise in the use of illustrations across various media platforms. However, we still face challenges such as low payment and insufficient job opportunities relative to the number of illustrators in the market. These issues stem from structural problems that have persisted for years and require time to address and change.”


Aside from Bangkok, Japan is also a source of inspiration for Jentwo. “I'm really into Japanese pop culture. I've explored a lot of things like food, history, and traveling. When I was growing up, I loved watching Japanese TV shows like TV Champion, where people with different skills competed to be the best, and Kinchan and Katori Shingo's All Japan Costume Grand Prix, where amateur groups or solo performers did funny skits. These shows taught me to be bold and creative,” Jentwo nostalgized.

The visual character carried by Jentwo today is an evolution from her experience and the experimentation she’s conducted thus far. Since the early days of her practice, Jentwo used pens to draw. She has carried this on in her practice today. To breathe life and character into her work, she has also explored using lighter colors for the outline, incorporating textures, and overlapping colors.

Aside from working on personal projects and initiatives, Jentwo also takes on client work. She explained that it all depends on the direction of the brief from the client. However, she always begins with an exchange of ideas and brainstorming for keywords or concepts. From there, Jentwo then selects the suitable artistic approach to build the atmosphere. “People often play a central role in my images, serving as a medium for conveying messages. Interestingly, I've noticed a recurring use of the color orange-red in my works, sometimes appearing unconsciously,” Jentwo elaborated. 


Not stopping at printed works, Jentwo also actively creates digital artworks as well. For her digital pieces, she often adds a classic, old-school impression to present the piece as something hand-made. She clarified, “It's like I want to bring a touch of the physical world into the digital realm. Nostalgia plays a big part in my work.I love reminiscing about the past and holding onto those happy memories. That's why I often draw inspiration from objects from days gone by.”

Consistency is a huge factor for Jentwo’s career. She feels that it is crucial to keep herself informed and update her portfolio across all platforms. Since 2018, she has made it routine to participate in art book fairs and illustration events. Each year, she has the opportunity to meet new friends from both her hometown as well as from all over the country through these events. Many of the connections she made have led to collaborations down the line.

Jentwo is also currently working together with US-based TOTALLY and Japan-based vision track as her agents and representation in those respective countries. Jentwo explained that TOTALLY had reached out to her first to collaborate. Meanwhile, her working with vision track was a result of her taking the initiative to reach out to them. She could see that working with these two agencies could help her develop her career.

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