Bagasi’s Travel Bugs Heads Over to Grammars

Indonesian travel essentials brand Bagasi is taking over Grammars! In collaboration with said Bandung-based concept store, Bagasi presents Travel Bugs; a multi-sensory experience for the public. For one month, Bagasi will be holding an array of events in Bandung for visitors to participate in in celebration of Bagasi’s products. 

“[We’ve had] the idea of traveling around and greeting the wider public for a long time. But, only now has time and space been made available. To kick things off, we thought Bandung was the right city. The legendary youth culture that continues to develop dynamically is the reason why Bandung is the first choice if we want to travel around.” said Marceline Widjaja, Chief Branding Officer Bagasi.

In an effort to reach out to younger audiences, Bagasi has recently collaborated with many practitioners in multiple disciplines that intersect with travel including music, film, and the culinary arts to name a few. White Shoes & the Couples Company, Feast, Fourtwnty, Alphabad and Binatang Press, are just a handful of their recent collaborators. This is also why Bandung is the ideal city to hold these celebrations. “Grammars adalah personal favorite. Kita sama-sama tahu, Bandung jadi lebih punya warna yang unik dengan keberadaan tempat-tempat seperti Grammars, sebuah ritel yang berfungsi sebagai galeri bagi produk-produk kebudayaan di saat yang bersamaan. Yang lokasinya ada di tengah kota, di ruas jalan yang tetap kecil dan memiliki nuansa khas. Plus, keberagaman isinya juga cocok sekali dengan produk-produk kami,” Marceline continued.


This collaboration with Grammars has also birthed Bas, a new mascot that is Travel Bugs personified. Bas is an anchoring icon that embodies the Bagasi visual identity as they visit each city. For their activities in Bandung, Bagasi invites Rumah Atsiri, Norrm, Fransis Pizza, Taco Local, Slits, Lunch for My Husband, and Supper Sandwich & Burger as collaborators. “So, throughout the whole month, Bagasi and our friends will provide an interrelated experience. All to spread the ‘traveling virus’ which is important to make our lives more colorful. Apart from finding our products that are suitable as travel companions, later at Grammars there will also be a variety of products available that will provide an exciting experience. At the same time, we can say that the journey is always about what's inside, not just the destination,” Marceline added.

Grammars was keen to welcome Bagasi as a party that could present something new in the space. “After all, [Grammars is] designed to be a space that can accommodate the exchange of ideas. Traveling is something that is very close to the aspirations of young people, especially people in the city of Bandung, the majority of whom are young people. We also believe that travel is an experience that can provide aspirations for a broader life or work. We are very happy that Grammars can be involved in hosting the bus landing in Bandung.” said Niina of Grammars. All are welcomed to Grammars to take part in Bagasi’s festivities from May 2nd to June 2nd!

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