Atreyu Moniaga Project: A Supportive Space for Young Artists to Grow

Atreyu Moniaga is renowned for his detailed paintings, rich in symbolism and deep meanings about the search for self-identity. A familiar name in the creative world, his work frequently appears across various platforms, from exhibitions to collaborations with renowned brands. Beyond his success as a visual artist, Atreyu Moniaga also shares his knowledge by nurturing young talents in illustration and photography. Through the Atreyu Moniaga Project (AMP), a visionary initiative, Atreyu Moniaga has provided a platform for young artists to expand their artistic expressions since 2013. This year, the Atreyu Moniaga Project returns with a new batch, Mixed Feelings Ad Maiora, which will hold an exhibition on July 12th. Ad Maiora introduces three female artists: Clasutta, Zita Nuella, and Tusita Mangalani, who are pursuing their dreams of becoming professional artists. In an interview with Grafis Masa Kini, Clasutta, the captain of the 12th batch of the Atreyu Moniaga Project - Mixed Feelings Ad Maiora, shares insights into the project and how each process opens opportunities for young artists.

According to Clasutta, the Atreyu Moniaga Project is a concrete step taken by Atreyu to help develop young artists before they enter the professional creative world. “In the past, besides pursuing a career as an artist, Atre also worked as a lecturer. He initiated a program to drive his students to become familiar with and capable of pursuing careers in the professional world,” Clasutta explains. She further elaborates that the Atreyu Moniaga Project has two main programs: photography, ST/ART, and visual arts, Mixed Feelings. The training offered in this project goes beyond the methods or curriculum young artists encounter in art education institutions. “Because college life and the professional world are two different things, Atre helps us get ready to enter the professional world,” Clasutta adds.


Throughout her journey with the Atreyu Moniaga Project, Clasutta, affectionately known as Sutta, reveals that Atreyu Moniaga constantly guides the incubation process of the artists. From the start, the Atreyu Moniaga Project aims to accompany young people on a transformative journey as artists. It’s not just about technical skills; Atreyu Moniaga also trains the mindset of his students. The Atreyu Moniaga Project program also instills entrepreneurial skills, portfolio development, and public presentation. “I’ve always wanted to turn my drawing hobby into my main career. Atre guides us all, showing us how to do it. We’re not only honed in our craft but also in our personal development and persona as artists,” Sutta explains. Beyond creativity, Atreyu Moniaga sharpens his students’ networking skills with the creative world, including curators, media, and fellow artists. To build a persona that matches the artist’s characteristics and works, Atreyu also advises his students on choosing styles that suit their personalities, including how they interact with others.

Moreover, the Atreyu Moniaga Project serves as a character development platform for young people interested in the art world. The hope is that young artists can grow into resilient individuals capable of handling criticism and rejection while fostering a positive mindset. Clasutta adds that Atreyu Moniaga believes that in the creative world, it’s not just the artwork that matters, but also the artist’s character and responsibility for their work. Not only Sutta, but Tusita and Zita also experienced significant changes in their character as artists after participating in the series of lessons from Atreyu Moniaga. "We are taught to create, but the important thing is not just that; we also learn networking and build self-management skills. Atre changes our mindset. So, we are also trained on personality. We need to have character to thrive in the art world," Tusita shares.


The ultimate goal of the Atreyu Moniaga Project is an art exhibition and art book that mark the graduation of each batch. Young artists will create an exhibition and conceptualize it themselves. “After being mentored directly by Atre for about a year, we are equipped to create our own exhibitions. Each batch has its own story, which becomes the common thread among the rangers (participants of the Atreyu Moniaga Project),” Sutta explains. This “final project” exhibition is crucial as it teaches artists to present their work to the public, gain exposure, and expand their networks.

The journey of the young artists in this year’s Atreyu Moniaga Project cohort is nearing its culmination with the final exhibition. Clasutta, along with Zita Nuella and Tusitta Mangalani, will showcase their works derived from their learning in the Atreyu Moniaga Project. "Ad Maiora, our batch name, means 'towards greater things.' We chose this name because the three of us are moving towards better things," Zita explains. In this exhibition, Tusita will broadly discuss painful experiences in her life journey. Using mixed media, Tusita conveys her dark experiences through beautiful visuals, offering a different perspective on sadness. On the other hand, Zita, through her charcoal strokes, will tell the story of finding peace in solitude. Focusing on illustration, Clasutta will add a touch of humor and sarcasm to visuals about everyday problems. The Mixed Feelings: Ad Maiora exhibition will be held on July 12th.

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