An Exploration of Hope and Prophecy at ARTJOG 2024

Last Friday (28/06) ARTJOG 2024 opened its doors to many eager visitors hailing from all over the world. This year’s edition of the long anticipated event delves into the all notions of Ramalan or Prediction. Dubbed Lebaran Seni (English: Eid of Arts), this contemporary arts festival has been held annually since 2008 at the Jogja National Museum. ARTJOG 2024 showcases the incredible work of 48 adult individual and collective artists both from within and beyond the Indonesian borders as well as 36 child and teenage artists whose works were successfully selected by the ARTJOG curatorial team.

The theme of Prediction encompasses a broad spectrum of discussions; from measly predictions to prophecy. In a press statement, the ARTJOG team iterates, “Predictions are imaginary patterns that connect the intersection between the past, present and future. As an imaginary motif, the meaning of an event is not completely determined by something that preceded it, like a hypothesis in the scientific field. For artists, prediction is the imagination and predictive power that drives creativity in the creative process. The idea of this Ramalan theme is not only intended to confirm the fortunes or predictions of fortune tellers in the past, however, this theme offers an opportunity for us to reimagine the picture of events and hopes for tomorrow.


This year’s edition of ARTJOG include various works from Agus Suwage & Titarubi, Agan Harahap, Agnes Hansella, Agugn Prabowo, Alisa Chuncue, Ariani Darmawan, Asmoadji, Atreyu Moniaga, Cecil Mariani, Darren Chandra, Dede Cipon, Diyanto, Elia Nurvista, Hanura Hosea, Haris Purnomo, Heman Chong, Iftikhar Ahmad R, Ines Katamso, Jay Afrisando, Julia Sarisetiati, Julian Abraham 'Togar', Jun Kitazawa, Kanoko Takaya, Koh Kai Ting & Aw Boon Xin, Kolektif Menyusur Eko Prawoto, Maryanto, Mishka Fathina Dewanto, Muhammad Praditya Arifian Zein, Nicholas Saputra, Happy Salma, (alm) Gunawan Maryanto, Nona Yoanishara, Nurrachmat Widyasena, On Kawara, Paul Kadarisman, Pius Sigit Kuncoro, Ramadhan Arif Fatkhur, Rangga Purbaya, Rayaka Agashtya Wibowo, Riar Rizaldi, Stefanus Endry Pragusta, Subandi Giyanto, TEMPA, Trio Muharam, Tromarama, Wawan Dalbo, Widi Pangestu, Yola Yulfianti, Yudi Sulistyo, and Zeta Ranniry Abidin.


The opening ceremony kicked off with an electric performance by Rianto and Septina Layan with music by Ari Wulu, which continued throughout the exhibition space, opening remarks from the director of ARTJOG, Heri Pemad, greetings from guest curator Hendro Wiyanto, and a cultural oration from Rama Sindhunata. In this oration, he addressed the Ramalan theme in regards to how the arts will rise to the challenge of Artificial Intelligence. He stated, “...Technology is fundamentally a machine, whose reach and capabilities are limited. Will art be robbed of its limitlessness and submit itself to the finite? That is the challenge that must be answered by art itself. It doesn't depend on the modern technological machine, if he finally takes a decision, he doesn't necessarily take a step based on his autonomy. Art seems to need to break through those barricades and return humans to their autonomy. That is the challenge of art in dealing with AI in this era.”

ARTJOG is an ever exciting culmination of some of the greatest contemporary artists of the nation. Events like ARTJOG are crucial in continuing to push the arts and arts discourse forward—to witness incredible artists take on the challenge and ruminate upon the great upheavals of our time in an ever-changing industry. ARTJOG is open to the public until September 1, 2024.

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