A Glimpse into SUN . CONTEMPORARY’s Inaugural Exhibition

Nestled in the heart of Bali, SUN . CONTEMPORARY is rapidly making its mark as a dynamic and forward-thinking gallery. More than just an exhibition space, it is an artist-led hub committed to promoting contemporary art from both established and emerging Indonesian and international artists.

The gallery’s inaugural exhibition, which opened on Thursday, 4 April 2024, Features the works of 33 Indonesian and international artists and designers, showcasing the depth of contemporary art today. The exhibition will run until 6 June 2024, offering art enthusiasts an opportunity to immerse themselves in the diverse creations on display.


Among the notable artists featured are Aaron Glasson, Faith XLVII, and Alexandre Farto (known as Vhils), each bringing their unique perspectives and styles to the exhibition. Indonesian talents such as Shiddiq Machmud, Salvita De Corte, and Sekarputi Sidhiawati are also prominently featured, highlighting the rich artistic heritage and contemporary dynamism of the local art scene. The inclusion of designers like Alexis Dornier further expands the exhibition’s scope, bridging the gap between traditional art forms and modern design.

SUN . CONTEMPORARY is not merely a venue for viewing art; it is a space designed to foster dialogue and inspire activism. As part of its activation events, the gallery hosted Art & Activism talks, conducted in the Pecha Kucha format. This event aimed to spark discussions on pressing local and global issues. Previous speakers have included prominent figures such as environmental advocate Arief Rabik, ocean conservationist Sam Benchegib, and sustainability expert Steven Moore. The Art & Activism event was held on Tuesday, 7 May 2024. 

Following the current exhibition, the gallery plans to launch its second exhibition on 13 June 2024, continuing its commitment to presenting thought-provoking and diverse artistic expressions.

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Alessandra Langit

Alessandra Langit is a writer with seven years of diverse media experience. She loves exploring the quirks of girlhood through her visual art and reposting Kafka’s diary entries at night.