Calling for submissions!
Join Scouting Unit in creating a zine based on their interest on people. Everyone is invited to send over a screenshot of your current activities on your PC, phone, tablet, etc. This is a collaborative project to get a glimpse about each other.


Fill this form below, send along the screenshot of your current PC, phone, tablet, etc. screen to scoutingunitpress@gmail.combefore Nov 1, 2016.
1. Name / Nickname
2. Age
3. Occupation
4. Postcode
5. Time of photo taken

1. We encourage you to be spontaneous
2. No photoshop / editing is needed. Come as you are.
3. Screenshots from any device from any operating system from any year are all welcomed.

Contact Scouting Unit ( for more information or questions.

Please help us spread the word. Send this to someone next to you, your neighbour, your grandpapa, anyone. We look forward for you to share your Tendency.