poster-aspac-deadline-extended-1The Japan Foundation (Independent administrative corporation) 2016 Asia Culture Creation Business

ASPaC Awards 2016 – Asia Students Package Design Competition

A great opportunity to meet top designers all across the countries and experience the real design work. Special programs for winners: joint training & workshop

The Japan Foundation
ASPaC Association
Japan Package Design Association

The Japan Foundation Indonesia
ADGI (Indonesia Graphic Designer Assosiation)

[Host country / region: Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Taiwan]

The ASPaC is a new business that Japan Foundation and Japan Package Design Association (JPDA) promote in 2016. For nurturing students all across Asia to a young master craftsman, ASPaC holds a package design competition. To connect Asia as one through design, administrative agency of each country, educators all across, enterprises get together.

Please send your application form that filled out properly and your original design to service bureau of the ASPaC.

The main theme of the competition: [SURPRISE!]
We are waiting for novel idea and point of view that may surprise the world.

[The Sector of Package Design]
Food / Snack / Beverage / Cosmetics / Toiletry / Home Supplies / Stationery / Medical supplies / Electronic Goods / Daily Supplies
¤ You can entry with several designs.
¤ Please check NOTE below:
•Submitted designs must be original.(Similarly designed one and copy and paste are not allowed)
•Submitted designs mustn’t have problem with copyright, portrait rights, industrial property right.

[Examination Standard]
• A design should be fit the theme.
• Characterizing sensitivity aptly that only student can represent.
• Unique and novel idea, and a new point of view.

[Candidate Qualification]
• A university or college student who lives in Indonesia.
• A university or college student who has no working experience.
• A Major and nationality is irrelevant.
• Both Individual and team submission are allowed.

[Entry Fee]

[How To Entry]
Please download the application form from this link:

¤ National Preliminary Competition: Submit a presentation sheet that includes the concept of a design and
rough sketches.
¤ National Final: Submit your completed work.
(A qualifier only)
• English only
• In case of a team submission, please send one presentation sheet as a team representative. (Do not need to send each member of a group.)
• Only a qualifier will get the detail information about national final.

[Note For Submission]
• Please pack your design carefully and put it into a box to prevent damage.
• The package that has a possibility to spoil, please send a replica.
• If the content of product is too heavy and it does not related to your package design, you can dispose of the product’s content.
• Basically, we do not return your final work. If you want it back, please send us invoice for delivery-payment beforehand.

[6 countries/region in total] – The number of winner could be changed.
• The Grand prize: 1 person gets a certificate of the award, a trophy and 500,000 yen.
• The Gold prize: 2 persons get a certificate of the award, a trophy and 200,000 yen.
• The Silver prize: 2 persons get a certificate of the award, a trophy and 150,000 yen.
• The Bronze prize: 2 persons get a certificate of the award, a trophy and 100,000 yen.
• The Japan Foundation prize: 5 persons get a certificated of the award and 50,000 yen.
• The JPDA prize: 1 person get a certificate of the award and 50,000 yen.
• Excellence award: 11 persons get a certificate of the award and 30,000 yen.
• Sponsor’s award: not yet decided. (We will update on the website soon)
• Selected prize: 60 persons get a certificate of the award.
• Honorable mention: more than one person gets a certificate of the award.


CONTACT: For more information, please contact us: