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On 7–27 September 2016, Indonesia will participate in the London Design Biennale. This is the first biennale in London. “Utopia by Design” is the chosen theme of this biennale, which will have 37 participating countries. Located in the south-bank of Thames river, Somerset House will host this multinational event. The Indonesian pavilion will take its place in a 50sqm room, located in the west-wing of the building. This participation is the initiative of Indonesia’s Creative Economy Agency, under the direction of the Marketing Directory. Appointed as the curators of the exhibition were Danny Wicaksono, Diana Nazir, Hafiz Rancajale and Hermawan Tanzil. This team was given the trust to determine the theme of the pavilion and to direct the pavilion’s content in order to befit the biennale’s main theme. Reacting to the main theme, the curatorial team set 1955 Afro–Asian Conference as the foundation of the Indonesia’s pavilion’s content. This conference was seen fitting to become the theme because this historical event is one of utopia in modern live that was born in Indonesia, involving 28 other countries and addresses the issue of peaceful living among nations. Considering the current situation of the world, we think this is a good momentum to talk about a historical past that promotes peace. The title of this pavilion is “FREEDOME”. It was conceived as a collaboration from Adi Purnomo, Bagus Pandega, and Irwan Ahmett, and was supported by artists/designers: Agra Satria, Fandy Susanto, Max Suriaganda, Savina Lavinia, Suyenni and Yola Yulifianti. This pavilion will tell a story about Afro–Asian Conference and an information satellite named “Berdikari”, that was created as a fictional story of a speculative future of the Afro–Asian Conference. This is a pavilion that we hope can represent the endless search of “independency”, “equality”, “humanity” and “peace”.


Indonesian Pavillion at London Design Biennale 2016

West wing Sommerset House, London 7-27 September 2016
Badan Ekonomi Kreatif Indonesia

Adi Purnomo • Irwan Ahmett • Bagus Pandega

Hermawan Tanzil • Hafiz Rancajale • Diana Nazir • Danny Wicaksono

Su Yenny • Bandu Darmawan • Max Suriaganda • Fandy Susanto • Fendy Susanto • Agra Satria • Felix Tjahyadi • Studio 1212 • Table Six • MATA studio • Clarissa Amabel • Henny Vitri • Asi Natalia • Tandy Mackenzie • Elleonore Grace • EMTE • Adityo Cahyo • Chandra Drews • Randy Rais • Yola • Savira • Faisal Habibie • Ali Rubin • Muhammad Adi Saputra • Ario Pradipta • Olive Decor • AKAS Kebumen • Dialogue artspace
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