Darbotz solo exhibition
Continuation series of the same title from his first solo exhibition in Singapore.
“We see so many things everyday, like it or not it becomes part of our life. It becomes a symbol or a signage in our brain. Big city makes you a monster, you have to adapt or you will be gone. Things that you see everyday also become a monster, an anomaly of the city.” Darbotz
This exhibition mark eight years of Vivi Yip art room, and part of Mall Art by AGSI for Bazaar Art Jakarta 25-28 August 2016 at Ritz Carlton Pacific Place Jakarta

The exhibition will be held on August 11 – August 28 2016 with the opening on Thursday, August 11, 2016, 6pm onwards at Unit 3,67-69 Third Floor, Pacific Place.

For more info please contact +6281 11220824