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Press Conference.
From screen printing to caricature, from “surat cinta untuk batu” to “riwayat butiran pasir” : Priyanto Sunarto (1947-2014)or better known as S. Pri has left important traces in the constellation of art and Indonesia’s graphic design scene.
In the early 1970s, as an artist, Priyanto represents the emergence of Bandung’s fine arts new trend that deviate the principle of formalism. Together with A.D. Pirous and T. Sutanto, Priyanto participate to initiate and develop the science and practice of graphic design in Indonesia. Many people know him as an artist, graphic designer, illustrator, cartoonist and educator. Priyanto passed away in September 2014. A huge loss to Indonesian art and design industry, while most people are still not aware, or even documenting and analysing his thoughts.
Commencing from the initiation for the re-appearance of Priyanto, Desain Grafis Indonesia and Selasar Sunaryo organized the “Pri S. : Sepilihan Karya dan Arsip” exhibition. The exhibition will featured paper clippings, archives, memorabilia, as well as private collections that show a list of Priyanto’s ideas and characters as a multifaceted figure.
The exhibition itself conducted together with the launch of the book “Pri S. : Serumpun Tulisan” which is compiled and published by DGI Press, the publishing division of Desain Grafis Indonesia. This will be the end result from Desain Grafis Indonesia’s long determination to compile Priyanto’s legacy, that has been published in DGI’s web.
To explore deeper into the thoughts of Priyanto and his role, there will also be a book discussion that aim to discuss the Priyanto’s legacies for Indonesia’s graphic design industry and as an educator. Furthermore, a discussion titled “Priyanto Sunarto dan Seni Rupa Indonesia 1970” will also be held to examine Priyanto’s initiations that contributed to Indonesia’s fine art scene, which not many have documented and publicised.
Pri S .: “Sepilihan Karya dan Arsip” Exhibition
July 22 to August 14, 2016
Curator: Chabib Duta Hapsoro
Selasar Sunaryo Art Space
Jalan Bukit Pakar Timur
No. 100 Bandung
July 22, 201619.00 – finish
Address by A.D. Pirous
Pri S.: Serumpun Tulisan Book Launching and Discussion
July 29, 201615:00-17:00 pm
Ismiaji Cahyono (Burau Chief of Desain Grafis Indonesia)
Vera Rosana (Graphic Designer of Pri S.: Serumpun Tulisan Book, Detego Studio)
Triyadi Guntur (Lecturer, Visual Communication Design Program,  FSRD ITB)
Riama Maslan (Lecturer, Visual Communication Design Program,  FSRD ITB)
ModeratorArief Adityawan
Discussion of “Priyanto Sunarto dan Seni Rupa Indonesia 1970”
August 5, 201615:00-17:00 pm
SpeakerJim Supangkat (Curator of Fine Arts)
Bambang Bujono (Art Critic)
Aminudin TH Siregar (Director of Soemardja Gallery, FSRD ITB & Art Historian)
Chabib Duta Hapsoro
This event was organized by Desain Grafis Indonesia and Selasar Sunaryo Art Space, supported by Paperina Dwijaya, Detego Studio, Cronos Indigo, IPPDIG, ADGI Bandung, Aidia, Tempo Inti Media, Sarasvati, InfoDKV, Masterpiece Magazine, JakartaBeat, Whiteboard Journal, magazine Cobra, Kreavi,  and Acara Event.
Contact person: ellena@dgi.or.id
More information: dgi.or.id / selasarsunaryo.com