Seek-A-Seek: Design Talk #4
Speaking Frankly: Client Expectations from Graphic Designers

Elisa Sutanudjaja (Founder of RUJAK Center for Urban Studies)
Loemongga Haoemasan (Asiana Group)
Siti Gretiani (Editorial Manager Gramedia Pustaka Utama)

Emir Hakim

Saturday, 11 June 2016, 2-3.30 pm

Kemang Selatan 99A
Jakarta 12730

Achieving unison in understanding is what succeeds creative and economic collaborations. Designers and their clients share an old story of communication mishaps and inability to share their ideas across. How can this happen? Who are to blame? What can we do to overcome it? Issues of the communication challenges are being addressed at this semi-formal discussion, but this time, it’s the client’s turn to speak, and they will speak frankly! So come to this important event and find out the reasons from the other side, who knows, maybe the answer is more reflexive than you would expect!

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