Seek-A-Seek: Design Talk #3
Crossing Disciplines: Sharing Economy in Creative Entrepreneurship
Imelda Wijaya (Jewel Rocks)
Dendi Darman (UNKL)
Max Suriaganda (Footurama & Whiteboard Journal)
Moderator:Nico Pranoto
Saturday, 4 June 2016, 3-5.30 pm
Venue:Dia.Lo.Gue Kemang Selatan 99AJakarta 12730
To succeed in being a creative entrepreneur, the creator must be able to exploit their field’s borders and cross into another. In the era of digital communication, accessibility narrows the gaps between borders and allows open collaboration. How is this beneficial to creative productivity? And, why is it more important for now and the future to realize that surplus isn’t everything? Engage with the creative industry’s biggest talents, gain insights and know-hows to creatively excelling the digital divide!
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