AQUA Temukan Indonesiamu (1)

AQUA has been consistently featuring Indonesian artists for its special edition label. You might remember the previous special labels like the one designed by Renata Owen. This time around, AQUA collaborated with five Indonesian graphic designers and design studios in which four of them are part of the ADGI (Asosiasi Desainer Grafis Indonesia).

In correlation with the theme “Temukan Indonesiamu” (or “Discover Your Indonesia” in English), each artist highlight one Indonesian value that they found most intriguing and most relevant to Indonesian nowadays. Those values are sharing, politeness, friendliness, kinship and cooperation. So far, three of the five special labels have been released to the public.


The first design, Berbagi (Sharing) is made by Rege Indrastudianto of Visious Studio. He is inspired by his daily life in the capital city Jakarta and he realized how sharing is actually a basic instinct of human being. Then he tried to visualize his idea into various form of sharing like tumpengan, gift-giving as well as sharing to the other living creature.

AQUA Temukan Indonesiamu - 1 (2)

The second design, Santun (Politeness) is designed by Eric Widjaja and his team, Thinking*Room. He believed that politeness is one of the values that best described Indonesia, Even though we had lots of different custom and culture, politeness accustom Indonesian to respect one another. On the process of designing, he used ambigram concept which is a design that even if it is reversed, it still have the same meaning.

AQUA Temukan Indonesiamu - 1 (1)

Ramah (Friendliness) is the next value to be highlighted by Fullfill. As we all know, Indonesian people are well-known for always smiling so this becomes the value that is brought to represent friendliness. As for the design, they tried to combine illustration and typography to show various smiling expression of Indonesian people.

For more information about the project and to download the wallpaper, head over to the website here.