Citra Pariwara

Citra Pariwara is no doubt the biggest Advertising Festival in Indonesia and the theme for this year is called “Stop Making Sense”. As stated in the website, this year, Citra Pariwara celebrates our inner child, our silliness, our imagination, our stubbornness to play by the rules. Our prominent speakers from brand management, media, research, and digital will demonstrate how they challenge the norms, rewrite the rules, imagine the unthinkable, and make the impossible possible. In these fast changing times, how can we build stronger brands, connect with people better, and do good to society? Perhaps, it makes the most sense to not make sense!

During this annual event, the exhibition will took place in Epiwalk, Kuningan from 25-28 November. There will also be seminars on 26 and 27 of November. Last but not least, this year’s Awarding Night will be conducted on November 27th, 2015.

You also still have a chance to enter the competition until November 07th, 2015! For more information, you can check out the website here.