Flat graphics, is one big visual trends in 2014. Just look at behance.com or motion graphic in vimeo.com, casual infographics in monocle, or the info graphics it self. It’s all using similar approach. flat graphics has its own taste and beauty, which might just fit with todays needs. Despite of it’s effective timing in execution, sensitive eyes still required in creating shapes and choosing colors.

Monoponik; design studio based in bandung, is also practicing the trends. What particularly interesting is they use the trend to promote government programs. Bandung, under ex-architect new city major; Ridwan Kamil, has made significant innovation, from social services to thematic park that now Bandung citizens enjoyed. In promotion, Monoponik is hired to create video campaign elaborating various project, from river cleaning, pedestrian, to Bioporine for rubbish. What we can appreciate from them is their attempt to convince using particular graphics style into government conventional taste. This is one true example what design can do promoting for a greater cause.