The concept of the typeface is developed from one of the famous indonesian culture, Bali. Bali is one of the cultures that has great colors of tradition. Bali also known as “The Island of Gods” and majority of Bali’s population is Balinese hinduism, so that they also believe in myth about the ‘deva’.
Deva in sanskirt language can be interpreted withvarious meaning like gods, spirits, or supernatural things. The Deva include the mythology creature such as Barong (The king of spirits), Jatayu (bird in ramayana), Hanoman (The white monkey), Rangda (The demon queen), etc. The deva is the basic image that I use to create the typeface, so that the name of thistypeface is “Balinese Deva”.
The typeface which I use is a combination beetween the original type and detail illustration. The original type is “Adobe Garamond Pro”. Adobe Garamond Pro is an old style sherif typefaces which has unique, characteristic, elegant, and good legible type.

This font I modificated by adding an ornamental detail illustration of the deva. Both of the elements (the original type & the illustration) blend and mix together as one. Each alphabet from A-Z has a different kind of illustrations and meanings. The illustration is taken from the essential of the ornamental of the body or the head of each deva.

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