Randy Raharja is 21 years old student who’s now still studying so called multimedia in super black building. He like everything that is related to visual communication.

“COLORS” – an animated short movie

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Colors from Randy Raharja on Vimeo.

“COLORS” – an animated short movie

this is how i describe racism issue around us, here is the product of
living exclusively, a corrupted mindset in which there’s preference or
‘If’ cases. “If i were white boys, if i were taller, if i were bigger,
if i have wider eyes”. physical appearance is what people use to
judge, to have prejudice, physical appearance makes ‘characteristic’
of certain people which could be wrong occasionally. when we’re being
racist, there’re two side involve, us, the dooer, and them, the
victims who will absorb what we’re done to them and practice it to the
people which is lower than them. just like school bully back to when
we’re in high school. there’s always tendency to feel superior.

racism issue is not the thing that we always do it on purpose,
sometimes it happens through a very simple situation in which we don’t
realize it. we’re not sensitive enough, our gesture, our expression,
our reaction. well, happy watching ­čÖé

Adobe Flash, Adobe After Effect, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop CS
3 + non sleeping value….

//art direction, animation, character design:
Randy Raharja

//voice talent:
Oflavia Veranez

Mr Stone
Batak’s SFX stocks

Mew – Paper Cuts
The All American Rejects – Sunshine