Asyerabella Sidauruk is Indonesia Illustrator working and living in Boston. Work mostly on cartoons, children illustrations, logos, and so. She love cookin, hunting new places to be sketched, and like to travel and learn new culture! She cannot sing, and certainly cannot dance! But, She can draw the hell out of just about any silly thing you ask her to…

GMK : What made you persue art as a profession?
I think it’s because there is nothing in this world that could describe me better than art. I like doing what i love and not doing what i need. Altho, we have plenty of crappy things to do in this life, art has nothing to do with that. Further more, cos I think art is some kind of movement that drives people to think creatively and to be more self-motivated.

GMK : How would you define yourself?
A: hmmm…tough one. Well..I’m pretty sure I’m an ordinary woman who loves art and music and believes that anything is possible, and believes that all people are actually artists. I guess I can call myself an artist with an extremely strange sense of humor

Where do you work?
The best work place I’ve ever had is my home. I’m working from home, from 9 to whatever i want. As long as it’s 8 hours and not disturbing my school days 🙂 im also working in school as a drawing  tutor.

What do you most enjoy about the illustration process?
What I enjoy the most is…the fun moment of doing it. The “bunch of mistakes” I make, which do make me frustrated but also make me feel victorious in the end. Cos’ at the end, all artworks are really satisfying and bring a big smile to my face. Another thing that is also enjoyable is the response from people who view my works. They hate-they love-they criticize-they cry-they smile…awesome! 

GMK : And what the least?
The least important is the feeling of fear of making a mistake. Nothing is false or wrong in art! that’s the beauty of art

GMK : Do you specialize in a specific theme?
Hhmm…specification? hmm…most of my artworks are children illustrations and fashion illustrations, but I’m not sure whether I can be told as an expert in those fields. So, basically, I have style, but i do not specifically stick with one theme.

Is there any differences between the work for
experimental project and commercial project?
Yes absolutely! Although, both have smtg in common which is work for order. experimental project has different purposes. Most of my experimental projects are made to show people that nothing is impossible in this world. All people are capable of making art! by using the very simplest media like cardboard, tissue, leaves, anything. We can! we can!

How do you find ways to inspire yourself ?
I get my inspiration from anywhere! from people around me, stories, love, politics, my boyfriend (cos he’s also an artist and super funny…you can check his art here, my family (my brother is an illustrator check his work here and my mom is an artist and my dad…hmmm..he’s a snail artist! cos he just can draw snails :)), I get my inspiration anywhere even when i am taking shower…drown my head in the hot water…brushing teeth, laying down on the floor doing nothing (ahahha..kiddin…I’m not that desperate)

Is there any special material or medium you would like to use for your next illustration work?
Yes! Hmm..newspaper, guitar, and telephone. Hahaha..i know it’s awkward! But still have no clue of how result will look like in the end. But should be recyclable for sure. GO GREEN! (my bf gonna squint his eyes for sure! :P)

Usually, how long does it take to finish one illustration project?
Hmm..depends on how much detail is in the work. Mostly, hmm..for an illustration work…it could be done less than 3 weeks – digitally. traditional way will take a bit longer than that. But sometimes, it takes me longer…cos’ i have to do my homework for school,or I’m not in the mood, or because I’m such a lazy butt hahaha just kiddin 🙂
GMK : How has Indonesia and its culture affected your work?
Wow! it effects me so much!! I’m Indonesian…so it’s a must to have a slight touch of Indonesian in every single piece of my artwork. I love wayang kulit so much (Indonesian shadow puppets)! I think those bunch of details that are meticulously designed in every wayang kulit are super insane!
and I’m a big fan of Batik! the way it’s made needs a super high attention and concentration…and the tool they use to draw (canting) on the fabric is amazing! hundred thumbs up for Indonesian art! Too bad so many batiks nowadays are made digitally,it really pushes down the value of it :'(

Is there any Indonesian artist/designer do you admire, and why?
Hmm…I love my mom! I think she’s a great designer…cos long time ago, back in early 80s…my mom was working as a graphic designer, and her job was to create visual ads, can you imagine? people created ads using acrylic and watered color paints, lack of technology and no photoshop? I’m just amazed! and…I have a few artist friends…that are also awesome…and Pak Tino Sidin! he was a great painter! 🙂

How do you keep yourself informed about design and art from indonesia?

Hmm…since I live here far away, I keep my self up to date via facebook, blogs, deviantart, yeah basically online technology really saves my butt 😛

What was it like working and living in Boston?
Living in Boston…Hmm… Boston is my second home…but nothing compare to Indonesian snack! GEEZ!! “gorengan” “kupatahu” “siomay” (I’m drooling already)! nothing can beat those! Good thing about living in Boston in particular is…people appreciate art more and it really motivates me to do more and be better.

What are your future plans? Do you have plans to go back and work in Indonesia?

My future plan…get married and have kids 😛 hahahhaa….cliche! I want to work for pixar (dream job! I’m still hoping..and hoping someday hard work and some type of miracle will make that happen) and move to Florida! hahaha…what a weird dream! and I wanna open a gallery with my bf.. what else…hmmm…I wanna have my art school which gives a bunch of scholarships! and make the environment better.
Anyway,,,yes, I have plans to go back to Indonesia of course…but not in this moment. I miss indonesia tho’

Whats your EDC (everyday carry) or pocket dump?
hmmm a 3,5″x5,5″ sketchbook (so essential) my ipod, iphone, bubble gum, wallet, 2 drawing pens, 2 pencils, eraser, apartment keys, a bag of chips/oreo and 8GB flash drive.

What is the best advice you received that you would like to share with aspiring artist/designers?
“do what you like and like what you do” and don’t be judgmental about art, cos there is no wrong or right about art! Be bold and be brave! you can start from something small to make big changes. Cos nothing is impossible in this world! God equipped us with tons of skills. believe in yourself! you can cos you can!


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