Darbotz is an artist whose name is already famous in Indonesia, even in the world. His work has been up to in Europe. He also attract the attention of some big companies to cooperate. Nike, Google chrome and other companies use darbotz’s work to collaborate. He also one of the founder of tembokbomber.com, one of the biggest street art and graffiti community in Indonesia. He’s works has already featured in many book and magazine, national and international.

Darbotz¬† also a very busy office workers. He’s a graphic designer at a leading advertising agency in Jakarta.
How did he divide the time to create works of art in the midst of busy life working as a graphic designer..

GMK: How would you define yourself?
D: a straight up guy with attitude
GMK: Can you tell us a little about daily life as a designer at an advertising agency and also as a renowned artist?
D: Its like having two lifes, work regulary on weekdays, 10 – till nobody know, do my thing after work and on weekend. its pretty fun and pretty hectic. especially when both lifes on its peak, time management is a must.
GMK: What do you most enjoy about the design process? And what the least?
D: exploring art direction is the process i enjoy the most, generating ideas also fun, but..it all depends on the deadline. thats what i enjoy the least.
GMK: Is there any differences between the work for experimental project and commercial project?
D: It depends, experimental project is very fun, you can do anything you want, from concept to execution, sometimes you dont need any concept at all.
but we can combine the commercial project with experimental execution. I always believe good concept without nice execution is nothing, vice versa.

GMK: How do you find ways to inspire yourself ?
D: I always believe if you do the same thing in the same field again and again you will feel uninspired, youll get bored. So I always do something outside “design” stuff, reading other things, browse weird stuff, meet new people, thats what I do.
GMK: Do you believe that Graphic Designers should express their personalities in their own work?
D: It depends. If you talk about design its all about communication, you cant push what you want on every design. Id rather do design that work and cool than design that cool but not working.
GMK: How do you feel about collaboration?
D: Its another fun thing to explore, love to do that.
GMK: How has Indonesia and its culture affected your work?
D: Traditional culture really dont affect my work, its more into urban and contemporary culture that affected me
GMK: Is there any Indonesian artist/designer do you admire, and why?
D: We have a lot of talents here. Lot of em. I love Basuki Abdullah and Affandi since I was a kid, one of the reason I love art.
GMK: I hear you will be exhibiting in Europe in the near future, is it true? can tell us a little how that could happen?
D: Yes, the news was just in. I met Claude Kunetz (the producer of wallstreet art exhibition at salihara) couple days a go, He offered me to do a solo exhibition in Paris on 2012. Hope everything works fine. Wish me luck.
GMK: What is the best advice you received that you would like to share with aspiring artist/designers?
D: Keep doing what you doing, keep on exploring!
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