Ritchie Ned Hansel is an Indonesian artist and designer who works across illustration, design, installation and performance. He is currently spending two months in Fremantle, Western Australia, developing new work as part of IASKA’s cultural exchange program in partnership with the Jakarta Biennale.

Ritchie Ned Hansel graduated from the Department of Visual Communication Design, Faculty of Art, Jakarta Institute of Arts where he is now a member of the teaching staff. He is currently developing illustrations for his line of t-shirts line and playing music with his band The Modest and working on several band projects. Now he has his own design studio named R&Hansel Associates.

GMK: How would you define yourself?

RH: A guy who loves his family, plays music, and believes that art and design can give a better living

GMK: What do you most enjoy about the design process? And what the least?
RH: I enjoy when the design process have no intervention from others. It doesn’t mean that I’m doing design for my own but sometimes I will ask for an opinion when it needed. The least, if the big mouth strikes your design with no basic reason and you can’t do nothing about it (you know who am I talking about).

GMK: Is there any differences between the work for experimental project and commercial project?
RH: I think every project have the same process in any level of progress so you cannot make a differentiation in term of experimental or commercials, and in my opinion, experiment is one of a design methods that you should use to make a new solution and improvement in your works. so, you have a wrong question here.

GMK: How do you find ways to inspire yourself ?
RH: Anything surrounds me, anytime, anywhere.

GMK: Do you believe that Graphic Designers should express their personalities in their own work?
RH: Sometimes, but if you meet the wrong partner or wrong client, you will be torching your self to push that boundaries, just make it simple and enjoy your life.

GMK: How do you feel about collaboration?
RH: Feels great, it’s a sharing process between you and others who have different point of view or different approach in doing their work, you can learn a lot from this.

GMK: How has Indonesia and its culture affected your work?
RH: Which culture? traditional culture or sub-culture. I grew with a bit of sundanese traditional culture and lots of pop-culture which invading indonesia since long ago, those explain whats affecting me.

GMK: Is there any Indonesian artist/designer do you admire, and why?
RH: Raden Saleh maybe one of the biggest Indonesian artists that I admire because of his reputation and involvement in world art history.

GMK: What is the best advice you received that you would like to share with aspiring artist/designers?
RH: Terus berkarya! keep up the good work.

More information on Ritchie’s work can be found on the following websites.